Monday, May 31, 2010

Why do babies drool?

Babies drool, we all know it. Some babies drool more than others, but in general all babies drool and they drool a lot. Thanks to bibs most babies can at least keep their clothes dry throughout the day, but without a bib a baby will be soaking wet from his own drool in no time flat.

Most babies begin teething when they are between six and eight months of age. However, lots of babies begin drooling non-stop around three months of age. Even though the tooth does not actually come through the gum until six to eight months of age, it begins traveling upwards much earlier. Frequently, around three months of age you will notice your little one begins to drool at an amazing rate, wetting bibs every time you turn around. What happens is when the tooth begins traveling through the gum it catalyzes saliva production, which in turn means your baby starts to drool!

Another reason why babies drool so much around this age is because it helps them grow and develop. This seems unbelievable, but it is true. Stomach acid is neutralized by the saliva, the babys intestinal lining is further developed from all that drool, and heals the esophageal lining that may become very irritated from spitting up regularly. In addition, drool has special enzymes that will help your baby begin to digest solid food when he starts eating it around four to six months of age.

Amazing, I know. Who would have thought that all that annoying drool actually played some important roles in the babys development? So, the next time you put a bib on your baby that covers up that really cute outfit remember that your baby isnt just drooling to annoy you. He is drooling because its part of what his little body needs to do at the time to help him grow and develop. (Copied & edited from 'The Labor of Love)

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