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Newborn checklist

Thinking what to buy for your new family member? Don't worry. This is the checklist for you. From my experience, I can inform you what useful, suitable and affordable items that you should buy before your delivery. Hope this list helps. Cheers!

Newborn Checklist

1) 100% cotton handkerchiefs x 2 - 4 dozens

Trust me. The baby will 'spit' out the milk while drinking and sometimes may vomit the milk out after drinking. 

In order to keep your baby clean, you will need to get enough handkerchiefs.
2) Disposable diapers 
If you want to have less trouble getting up to change your baby and at the same time allow your baby to sleep better, you have to spend some money on disposable diapers.

There are many brands in the market. So far among those brands I had tried on my baby, I recommend these:

Mamy Poko


Pureen Dry 5

Avoid buying Newborn size. Get size S. Babies grow fast.

Baby is showing her disposable diaper happily.

3) Cloth diapers + Nappy Liners 

Some people said this is the best way to save money from buying disposable diapers. Personally, I don't really agree on this as there are many types of disposable diapers in the market. 

Some economy packs are pretty good and will save you lots of time, water, detergent, electricity & energy too.

Unless you have a good and trustworthy MAID to help out;
else changing the diapers and washing them everyday 
will be pretty TIRING


Do you want to get up every half an hour to change the baby's diaper? 
Even in the middle of the night

Do you want to have dark circles?

Do you want to get depressed or insane?

If you don't mind, here are the cloth diapers and the nappy liners for the SUPER MOTHERS!

Cloth diapers

Nappy Liners

 4) Feeding bottles x 6-8
1 or 2 bottles won't be enough. Not easy to wash every bottle after each feed, especially you want to use the sterilizer. Please choose BPA-free bottles. 

For those who doesn't know what is BPA:-

Bisphenol-A is a hormone-disrupting chemical considered to be potentially harmful to human health and the environment. It has been known that scratched and worn polycarbonate feeding bottles will leach this chemical into liquids.

Get a good brand as milk bottles are very important. Your baby uses it everyday! Well, do you want to use lousy, rusted spoon or plastic smells fork in every meal, every day? Although babies can't talk, I bet they dislike it too.

So far, I had tried 3 brands - Anakku, Pigeon, Avent. 

Avent-BPA Free

Pigeon - wide bottle neck

In the end I still prefer either Pigeon or Avent.

When the baby grows bigger, 
consider to get Dr Brown's. 
The glass bottle is heavier but safer.

5) Bottle brush

Get brush where it also come with tiny nipple brush. Else will be difficult to clean the nipple thoroughly.

Avent - milk bottle brush 

 Pretty regretted getting this Avent milk bottle brush. More expensive than other brands but not that good.


 Better get this type of brush which comes with the small nipple brush. 
It's so much easier to clean the bottle nipples.

6) Bottle cleanser/detergent

Pureen's bottle cleanser/detergent 
is quite good and affordable. 
It's safe for baby too. 

Another brand is Pigeon. The price is more expensive. So it really depends on the buyer's financial status. For me, since both 'results' are the same, why want to burn your money? 

Too rich? Donate to me then. 

7) Bottle / Food warmer

Baby doesn't finish her milk always. It's a waste to throw away the milk every time too. Sometimes the baby drinks very slowly and will refuse to drink when the milk turns cold. 

Without a warmer, you can warm up the milk by using a cup half-filled with hot water. Which is quite troublesome as you might need to keep changing the hot water as it turns cold easily -- especially if  you have your air-conditioner on in the bedroom

I love this Lindam bottle/ food warmer. 
Really save us lots of trouble. 
It's small, portable and easy to use.

8) Baby wipes / Wet Tissues

Anakku is so far the best. 

Don't buy Pureen. It's too rough.
9) Nappy rash cream

Please remember to buy this. It's very important. Whether you use disposable or reuseable diapers, baby will still get nappy rash from time to time. 

I personally recommend these 2 brands, Desitin and Bepanthen.  

Desitin's active ingredient is zinc oxide - 13%.
Desitin is a rapid relief cream which instantly forms a protective layer on your baby's skin to soothe and relieve rash discomfort. This hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested creamy formula goes on smoothly and wipes off easily. 
Bepanthen ointment contains Dexpanthenol and is FREE from colourant, fragrance & preservative.
It PROTECTS and gently HEALS skin damaged by nappy/diaper rash. It is also suitable for caring and treatment of sore/cracked nipples, dry, chapped & cracked skin and other minor skin injuries.

10) Sterilizer unit

There are many types of electrical sterilizers in the market. 

I prefer Pigeon because you can sterilize 
any types of milk bottles. 
Unlike Avent, which is only for Avent bottles.

11) Thermometer

Get one in case you need to check your baby's temperature.

12) Pacifier 

Prefer not to give this to your baby. It's never easy to stop this habit. You don't want your baby to have bad teeth, right? 

Anyway, learned that NUK is quite a good brand for pacifier.

Baby in silent mode.

13) Cotton pad

I prefer to get this type of square cotton pads from Watson's.

Use this to clean the baby's tongue and also her face during bath time.

14) Cotton roll

Need this to clean the baby's buttock every time she pees or poos.
Combine cotton pads with baby wipes. Although baby wipes are convenient to use, its not as good /soft as cotton.

15) Milk container x 2-3  
(You won't need this if you are going to breastfeed your baby)

For me, milk container is not only for outings but also pretty useful at home.

Fill the container with the correct portion of milk powder so that when you want to make milk, its faster & cleaner. 

Do not keep the scoop inside the milk tin / container. You will contaminate your milk powder every time you try to dig out the scoop.

It's always a good practice to scoop out the milk you need in the container then wash the scoop after used. Refill the container everyday.

Avent's milk container. Quite good. 
It can be a fruit storage container if you pull out the divider.

16) Thermal pot

You will need a good one for daily usage. Remember your baby needs to drink every few hours (if using milk powder)? 

 Well, Panasonic is quite a good brand. 
This is what I'm using 
and I'm pretty happy & satisfied with it.
Can have 4 litres of water per pot so can just refill once every 2 -3 days.

17) Water bottle

Prepare a water bottle with room temperature water. You will need this when you want to prepare milk for the little one. Ya. Don't be silly. You can't just use 100% hot boiled water for the milk. 

 I prefer Tupperware bottle. 
Easy to refill and pour out. No plastic smell too. 


1) Mittens & Booties x 6-8 pairs

Mittens and Booties keep your baby warm and prevent the baby from scratching herself. No joke. The newborn baby can have long and sharp nails.

I prefer white mittens & booties. Easier to find out whether they are dirty or not. Difficult to maintain but safer for the baby who loves to suck their fingers?!

2) Diaper pants x 6-8 pairs

You only need this if you are going to use cloth diapers.

3) Long sleeves shirts + long pants x 6-8 pairs

It's good to let your baby sleep with long sleeves & long pants at night. 

But if your room is warm, without air-conditioner on, then better let your baby wear short sleeves + shorts else you may find your baby sweating a lot and have heat rashes on the body, especially at the neck.

4) Short sleeves shirts + shorts x 6-8 pairs

I prefer to let my baby wear short sleeves shirt & shorts in the daytime. 
Just remember to wrap her with a towel to keep her warm & secure.

5) 100% cotton towels x 2-3 dozens

This type of 100% cotton towels are good for taking bath, wrapping them and be their pillow too. Try not to get those which are too thick. Will be difficult to hold your tiny little baby after wrapping.

6) Hat x 1-2

I have plenty of hats for the baby. Bought some and many were given by my friends and relatives as gifts. Too bad my baby dislikes to wear any of them. 

So it actually depends on your baby. It will be a waste of money if she refuses to put them on.

** I have many new hats for sale. 
Those who are interested, kindly wait for my next post. 
Will have to sell off most of the new stuff which I bought 
but never used by my baby.

7) Bibs x 4-6

100% cotton handkerchiefs are good enough to replace bibs for babies. The baby will need the bibs mainly when they started to take solid foods. However, if your baby drools too much, bib can prevent her clothes from getting wet too.

8) Baby abdominal binder x 2-4 

This is good for the baby to protect their umbilical cord for the first few days/weeks. I bought some but never use it because my baby's umbilical stump dropped off before she got back home from the hospital.

9) Rompers x 6 

Rompers are comfortable and keep your baby warm. Very cute looking too. Good to get some long & short sleeves for day & night clothing. After using rompers, I actually prefer this to those 2 pieces long/short sleeves with pants.

I love to wear rompers on my baby though I didn't buy any.
Many thanks to my considerate sister. She bought about 10 pieces for my baby. 

Ya. I know i'm VERY VERY LUCKY!  

Nope, my sister is not for sale. Sorry.


1) Baby hair & body shampoo

Baby Kiko

 Johnson & Johnson  
are pretty good brands.  

Get those 2-in-1, head-to-toe shampoo. Needn't buy separate shampoo as your baby's hair are still too sparse to enjoy those. 

2) Baby bath tub

There are many types of bath tubs. If you are not confident in bathing the baby, it's better to buy a special bath tub for newborn, infant & toddler. It usually comes with a cloth cradle which makes it easier to handle the baby.

Perfect for first time parents, just like me! 

For those who are experienced, a normal bath tub will do.

3) Non-slip bath mat

This is only necessary for those who plan to buy normal bath tub. The special baby bath tub already has a special cradle, non-slip seat and bath mat.

4) Cotton buds

Use them to clean the baby's ears, nose & navel.

5) Sponge 

Either use sponge or replace it with the 100% cotton handkerchief for bath. Both are pretty useful.

6) Baby nail clipper

Cut the baby's nails when she is asleep. You won't want to hurt the baby as her fingers & nails are pretty fragile.

7) Nasal aspirator

Get one in case your baby has blocked nose. This is used for clearing the mucus in her nose.

How to use it? Good question!

Yes. You have to suck it out. Yucks? 
Time to kiss and thank your mother now.

8) Bath tub thermometer

Needn't get this unless you are going to buy the normal bath tub. 
Special baby bath tub comes with thermometer too.

9) Baby lotion / Baby oil

Johnson's baby lotion. Smells so good~

 Johnson's baby oil. Good for baby's skin. 
I have both. Use baby oil after every bath for applying over the whole body. The baby will love your massage. 

For baby lotion, you can use it to apply when her skin is dry from time to time.

** Baby Powder can cause breathing problems and serious lung damage when inhaled, and it's not always easy to keep the powder out of the air where your baby might breathe it. 

If you really really have to use it, make sure that you don't get it near her face. Instead, pour a small amount into your hand away from your baby and then apply it when you see her diaper area starting to look a little irritated from chafing.

  Pediatricians no longer recommend talc-based baby powders 
because they're dangerous if inhaled.


1) Baby Car Seat

You will definitely need a car seat as you can't carry your baby in your arms when you are driving. It's safer and more comfortable for the baby too. 

Better to train the baby to sit on it when she was still an infant else you might regret when she get used to human arms instead of the car seat. 

2) Baby Stroller 

If you want to bring your baby out, a stroller can be very useful especially when you go shopping. Imagine your baby's weight is increasing, 

and the shopping mall is very big. 

You will either cry, scream or want to go back home earlier. 

By having a baby stroller, you can place the nursery bag and some of your shopping bags in it. 
Same as the car seat. Train your baby to be independent when they are still young. 

3) Nursery/Diaper bag

Get a good nursery/diaper bag where you can put:-
x4 disposable diapers, 
x2 milk bottles, 
x1 milk container, 
x1 thermal bag,
x1 mineral water bottle, 

x1 thermal flask, 
x3 towels, 
x4 handkerchiefs, 
x1 pair of mitten & booties, 

x1 packet of wet tissues,
x1 pair of long/short sleeves with pants. 

Yes. You will need all this in your nursery bag, or else you may be in trouble.

4) Thermal Flask

Good thermal flask for keeping hot water inside. Else you might need to beg for water from the restaurant when you are out.

5) Thermal bag 

To keep the milk bottle warm if the baby can't finish the milk when you don't have milk bottle/food warmer around.

Avent Thermal bag, that's the one I'm using. Quite ok.


1) Baby cot + Changing table + playpen (3-in-1)

Graco is a nice brand. Quality products. 

Get a good baby cot which comes with 3-in-1 function. 

The changing table is pretty useful as we never know when the baby will pee or poo during changing. 

When she grows up, the baby cot can become a playpen for her. Can be her playing paradise and also a safer 'prison' so that you can do other things without the walking toddler disturbing + following you.

2) Mattress

Most of the baby cot doesn't come with mattress. 
So it's good to get a correct size baby mattress to fit into the baby cot.

3) Mosquito netting

Some baby cots come with this mosquito netting. Unless your bedroom has mosquito problem, else will be like me, never used it for the baby.

4) Rocking chair

Good to have a baby rocking chair as she won't get cranky and ask for attention when you are having your meal. Some have electrical function. 
For me, just buy a normal one and use your leg to rock the chair. Save electricity and exercise your leg, how nice~


1) Baby rattle

Baby loves different types of sounds. 
Baby rattle is quite good to make your baby giggle.

2) Musical toy

 Anakku singing duckling gifted from my cousin sister. 
My baby just loves the music.

 After 1 month, we bought VTech Lullaby teddy projector with more songs.

3) Stroller toy

 Lamaze butterfly. A gift from my friend, Fiona.

My stroller can't hang anything so I hang it at the electric cradle. My baby will just look at the butterfly & gets happy before falling asleep.

5) Play gym

Another gift from my cousin sister. So thoughtful of her. 

My baby loves to play in the Play gym since 2 1/2 months old. It's pretty good for her to learn and exercise.

6) Chime ball

Anakku chime Ball

My baby and her favorite crocodile chime ball.
My baby loves it when I shake the ball.

So, are you feeling less or more stressful after knowing what to buy? All the best!


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