Monday, May 21, 2012


Since young, I have never quit drinking Milo. I actually quit drinking powder milk and replace with milo drink by using my milk bottle when I was 4 years old. Somehow I just love the chocolaty taste.

When I was in primary school, I will scoop up the Milo powder into a bowl and eat it with a spoon while watching cartoon. I'm glad that I don't have any diabetes problem now. Hmm...really missing the old days. No worries on gaining weight at all.

Milo (tin). I believe 90% of the Malaysia and Singapore family will have min 1 tin at home. 
My princess is now 26-month-old. She refuses to lie down and drink milk using her milk bottle whenever we go out. So I have introduced my favorite Milo drink in packet for her. She just get addicted straightaway. Every time I will make sure her nursery bag has 2 packets of Milo drink so that she can drink in the car seat or restaurant whenever she is hungry.

Yes. This is the one that my princess is addicted like her mother.
I remember during my 2 weeks business trip, when I have to get my parents to babysit her while I went to settle my work in the office, my princess refused to drink a single drop of milk when I wasn't around. She rather starved and acted very stubbornly. That makes my parents very worry. So I told them about Milo. My father brought her out to buy Milo packet drink and finally she was happy to finish them without any delay. (I think she can be called as Milo Princess!)

Whenever my princess saw chocolate milk drink, she will said it's Milo. Too bad Milo packet drink is not available in Australia and we are not allow to bring any dairy milk product there. She took a few days to accept other brands of chocolate milk. From that day on wards, she realized that not all chocolate milk drink is called Milo.

Milo Cereals. Cute chocolate biscuit ball. Can eat it with or without milk.

                                      3-in-1 Milo Fuze. The daily drinks for my whole family.
Milo ice-cream. Try it and get addicted. 

Not available in Malaysia. My sis introduced this to us in Australia and totally loving it.
Wonderful Milo yogurt, taste like creamy ice-cream.
Very different from normal sourish yogurt. 

Love chocolate? Love Milo chocolate bar!

Different packaging for Milo wafer. 

Milo has many products, such as chocolate bar, wafer, cereals, yogurt (Australia), ice-cream, etc. Anything related to Milo will be our priority choice first.

The way we buy Milo drink and 3-in-1 packet drink is also quite scary. We bought in cartons and stacked in our store. The price has increased lately and we felt that it's getting more pricey. Last year we can get 6-packets for RM5.80, but now the cheapest we can get is RM6.99. Most of the places are selling for RM8.40 now. It's a big jump in pricing. (I thought Malaysia has lot of Koko plantation and cheap labors?)

I wonder whether Milo company needs my princess for their advertisement. Hopefully can get FREE milo supply for years after that. Hahaha!

p/s: My sister just teased me the other day that I was so into Milo that I called myself Milo in my ICQ chat last time. (blushed). Ya! And my new Skype ID is related to Milo again. Hahaha!

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  1. Hi, your daughter are so cute. I too love Milo and other chocolate stuff. you're in Australia? what field of business are you in?


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