Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kenny Sia

Guess who had I met in Kuching? 
(well, obviously you can guess it right because it's already written in my  post title) 

Kenny Sia! My favorite blogger! Wahahahahaha!

Well, the first time I met him was in many years ago at the Manhattan Fish Market Restaurant at The Spring, Kuching. 

My younger sister and I were so excited when we realized that the young man who just walked into the restaurant and sitting so 'near' to us (less than 5 meter), breathing the same air (scrumptious food smell), having lunch in the same restaurant is Kenny. Wow!

Then I suggested, "Hey, let's take a photo with him!" 
My sister gave me a look and said, "Are you sure? Please don't do anything silly and make a fool of yourself. What do you wanna say to him?"
I was like errr.....I have no idea. 

Well, I really wish to shake his hand and said hello but I wasn't brave enough. So in the end, I didn't take any action but left the restaurant sadly. Ever since then, I have been regretted for many years. 

However, during my trip to Kuching this time, I met him again at Tom's Restaurant at Jalan Padungan. My friends and I were leaving (our butts were stick on the chairs though) after our wonderful lunch and saw him walking in from the main entrance. I was stunned and wasn't sure whether he is Kenny (well, he does look different compare to many years ago). I kept asking my friends and they have no idea who is Kenny Sia. T_T  

After I told them my 'story' and how much I 'love' him, they encouraged me to step forward without any delay. He was sitting at the corner eating his pasta. I felt so sorry to interrupt him and I nearly back off. My friend looked into my eyes and said, "Are you sure you wouldn't regret if you miss this chance again?" Of course I will regret. I will knock my head on the wall till the wall crack (oh, sounds like I have a harder head)! 

My friend reconfirmed with the waitresses there, double, triple confirmed that the guy is really really THE Kenny Sia, the famous blogger! So finally I took a very, very deep breath, walked to him and had the conversation below:

me:       Hi, are you Kenny Sia? (blushed)
Kenny: Ahar. (His mouth was full of pasta)
me:       I'm sorry to interrupt you. My name is Felicia, and I'm your blog's follower for the past few years. Can I take a photo with you? (My face was like burning, my heart pounded so heavily till I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.)
Kenny: But I'm eating. (still munching)
me:       I know. I'm so sorry to interrupt you. (felt like digging a hole to hide my head in like an ostrich) But I really really love your blog. I'm from Miri (well, originally from Kuching) and I'm leaving soon (still have one week plus before flying back though). Please.... (I think I sounded ridiculous. I have no idea what I was talking. I just know that my face must be extremely red as I can feel my cheeks are burning)
Kenny: Ok. Give me a minute! (he tried very hard to swallow the mouthful of pasta in the shortest time)
me:      Thank you very much. It's very kind of you! (I was over excited!! Nearly jump up to the roof.)
Kenny: It has been a long time for people asking to take photo with me. Haha. (Oh! He is so cute!)
(I was so stiff, didn't dare to move at all. I can even felt my mouth was twitching when I smiled. Gosh! I was so nervous! I wish I had put on some makeup that day!) 
Well, after snapping several photos, here goes our conversation again. 
me: Thank you very much, Kenny! Have a nice day! (Virtual hugs without any action)
Kenny: No problem. Have a pleasant flight! (So sweet! I should have ask for his handphone number but what should I do with the number? Hmm....just a crazy thought.)

Once my friends and I stepped out from the restaurant, I just couldn't stop laughing and smiling. They said I looked silly and I believe so. I can't stop smiling now when I recall back too. Hahaha!

Here are the photos I have with my cute Kenny. ^ ^

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  1. i so would totally do the same thing! he had (note the past tense) a very funny blog and i admire his humour. i wrote to his email commenting on certain thing a whole ago and surprisingly he replied, he seemed approachable, he is from Kuching after all.


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