Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

This year is our first experience in 'celebrating' our Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur.  Due to the Chinese tradition culture, we are not allow to celebrate nor giving out ang pow to others as my late father-in-law just passed away for less than a year.

We usually have to travel to Raub, Pahang and spend our Chinese New Year there for several days. Now the house in Raub is vacant and we can stay away from the scary traffic jam along the KL - Pahang highway.

For me, the best new year celebration is to gather with family members, eat and rest well. The best part is, I have the opportunity to shop for what I want this time. Hahaha! Overjoyed!

Other than not going back to Raub, we still giving and receiving ang pows. We have big meals in restaurant daily and also 'lo yu sang' for many times. If the 'yu sang' really can give me best of luck and great fortune, I will definitely be a multi millionaire this year.

My hubby and I are very pleased to see my girl plays happily everyday with her cousins. They can dig out many toys and play non-stop. However they will behave well and play with their own itouch in the restaurant.

Elmo Loves You

Elmo is a Muppet character on the children's television show Sesame Street

He is a furry red monster who hosts the last full fifteen minute segment on Sesame StreetElmo's World, which is aimed at toddlers.

Elmo is self-described as three-and-a-half years old and characteristically avoids pronouns, referring to himself in the third person (e.g. "Elmo has a question" rather than, "I have a question").

Found this online. Cute pouch huh!

First .gif file on my blog. Let's welcome our cute Elmo!

I'm a cute monster. Hug me!

My daughter loves Elmo very much. She keeps requesting for Elmo's DVD series. We have many Elmo DVDs for her, including Elmo's World series. 

Our princess have Elmo board books set, Elmo story books set, Elmo shoes (Crocs, bought by Aunty Winnie), Elmo t-shirts and Elmo plush toys (given by Aunty Betty). She just feels happy when she sees Elmo. Well, have to say that Elmo is such a cute monster with positive attitude all the time. He is polite, friendly, loving and smart. He has no teeth but big smiley mouth. My princess always request her daddy to draw Elmo on her drawing book. She just never have enough of Elmo. 

Whenever she wears this pair of Elmo shoes,
she will walk happily and refused to take off the shoes at the end of the day. -_-
One day, my daughter and I have such conversation as follow:
daughter: Elmo is a boy. (cuddling with her Elmo plush toy)
me: No. Elmo is a monster.
daughter: Mummy is a monster.
me: .......(speechless)
(Then when my hubby came back from work, once my daughter overheard I told him about the above conversation, she came over and pointed at her daddy.)
daughter: Daddy is THE monster!
hubby: Then who are you?
daughter: I am a robot. (mimicking the sound of the robot)
hubby and I: ....................(speechless)

I believe many parents out there are searching for Elmo's product when they know their children love Elmo. Sometimes I don't know whether I'm the one who is addicted to Elmo or really do all these collection for the sake of my princess.

I found Cookie Monster is quite cute too. He always say, "Me want cookies!" and "Om nom nom nom" (said through a mouth full of food). Other than munching his cookie with his voracious appetite (quite greedy and messy too), he doesn't teach much like Elmo whose characters is often used to reach children with important messages, such as fire safety, potty training etc.

Sesame Street has many cute characters, such as Oscar the grouch, Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, Telly Monster, Abby Caddaby etc. I think I have to admit that I love them too! ^^

doTERRA Family Physician Kit

For my family members and friends who know me well enough will know I have problem in swallowing medicine either in liquid or pills form. I rather have injection or suffer till I reach my limit. It's rather silly but I am phobia towards medication though I started swallowing many types of pills since young due to weak and lousy health condition.
During my last year June visit to Singapore, my eldest sister has recommended me this essential oil. I was skeptical and unwilling to try. She just applied on the back of my ears and my runny nose just recovered.  I can't believe and was so impressed with the effective essential oil!
I was suffering with flu for a week plus. My daughter and I just took turn to fall sick. After trying the essential oil, I started to surf online and did more research on this product.  After reading many testimonials and useful research information, I decided to buy the Family Physician Kit which I am glad I did.
There are many great testimonials and youtube video clips about this 100% pure therapeutic essential oil. I decided to make my purchase after I watched the red blood cell experiment done by Dr. Hills. You can view the video here.

It has been a year since I have bought this Family Physician Kit. I feel so thankful to my sister who has introduced this great alternative treatment for me and my family. I have stopped taking paracetamol during fever, cough syrup during cough, painkiller when i have gastric problem, ventolin when my asthma attack etc. Yes. The essential oils have replaced my medicine cabinet and they work well and faster too. This is a super great news for me as I hate taking medicine, always having problem in swallowing those bitter pills which always get stuck on my throat.
So, if you have the same problem like me, or have some doubts in letting your young children taking too much medicine, especially anti-biotics, kindly find out more about this natural health product.
Check this website for more information or place online order:
Or to purchase from online webstore:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Belle's Bookstore, Miri

My princess's favourite place in Miri is Toy's World and Belle's Bookstore (above Toy's World).
Thoughtful boss has a LEGO area for the children to play. My girl hardly miss this spot whenever we visit the place.  She can stack up the blocks high and spend a long time there.
We have bought her a big set of LEGO at home, thought that she will be thrilled but she will only play it once a while. Maybe companion is important to keep her interest going. 

Silverspoon, Publika

I was surprised that my sister brought me to Silverspoon for lunch at Publika. It has the same name as the one in Miri.

At first I thought they are own by the same boss who operates two Citrus restaurants and one Silverspoon restaurant in Miri but later I found out I was wrong. (Just met and chatted with the boss today. ) There is no trademark for the name so this coincidence can happen.

Citrus was my favourite restaurant 3 years ago but due to the changed of locality and staff/chef, the food and service quality have dropped drastically.

The last visit of mine to Citrus restaurant was very unpleasant.  I have found a strain of hair in my food. It was extremely disgusting as I only saw it after finishing half portion. The waiter didn't apologise after I showed him the hair. He just quickly took my plate into the kitchen.  When he returned, he asked whether I want to have a new lunch set. I had turned down as my appetite was gone. They did waive on that order but I felt that they were not sorry about it. Anyway, I did SMS the boss as I felt that this hygienic matter is serious especially he is operating food and beverage buisiness.  The boss did reply that he is sorry and will be more careful in future.

I have banned this restaurant in my list, at least for the time being.  I can't accept my food has hair or other insects in it. I hope they can improve so that I can visit them again in near future?!

There's one Silverspoon restaurant in Miri too. I have tried and doesn't like their food either.  The toilet was dirty and the food quality was bad. I understand it's never easy to manage the staff if they are not motivated.  So overall, I don't have much interest to try again.

However, since we were already in the restaurant at Publika, we decided to sit down and have a try. Hoping KL and Miri's standard can be different.

We had ordered:
1) caesar salad- too much mayonnaise;
2) beef steak - too dry and hard, overcook though we ordered medium well;
3) duck pizza - turned up to be super salty.

The pricing are not cheap.  We were quite disappointed with the food. This has proven that not all expensive food equals to delicious food.

We will not step in this restaurant again in near future. Gonna give other restaurants a chance. 

Vtech- My Laptop (Pink)

My princess has received this gift from my hubby's friend from Hong Kong at the age of 2. Although she was able to read many words and even answer the questions from this laptop at that time, she doesn't like/appreciate this gift at all.

This cute laptop was kept in the store for about a year and finally I took out last night to test the water. We are delighted that our princess is now ready for it. She enjoyed playing the quizzes and finished many questions from the provided workbook by pressing the keyboard and controlling the mouse.

Seems like we really have to follow the given instructions on the box which stated it's for kids age 3 and above.  Hahaha! 

Some detail of this laptop:
Brand: VTECH
• 30 engaging activities covering English, math, games and music
• 8-directional cursor mouse detaches and changes sides to suit right and left-handed users
• A silly monkey character leads game play as helper and friend
• 3-6 years

Private 1 to 1 Clay Art Lesson

After our KL trip, my princess has been reminding me about the Sesame Street clay art project we plan to do at home. 

Finally I have kept my promise and had a wonderful private clay art lesson with her. 

Before this afternoon lesson with her, I have tried doing clay Elmo and Cookie Monster alone in the morning when she was in her school. Well, it was my first Resin Clay art in my life so I have to make sure I can do it well before I teach my princess.  Very responsible and professional teacher huh?! Lol.

Actually it is quite easy. For Elmo, we need clay as follow:
-red for his round/oval face
-orange for the oval nose
- white for the eyes
- black for the eye pupils and big semi-circle shaped mouth. 
As for Cookie Monster, we need:
- blue for his round/ oval face
- white for the eyes
- black for the eye pupils and big semi-circle shaped mouth.

For the furry look, we can either poke many holes or use scissors to cut. These projects are suitable for beginners. Well, practice make perfect. ^^

Upper one are my 2nd attempt, the lower one are my first masterpieces.

Clay Art Project at Publika

My younger sister and I decided to let my princess to try 1 session of clay art at Publika, near Mount Kiara, KL during our trip in May 2013. 

We are allowed to choose any art work from their samples and do the project at their shop for about 2 hours. The 1 time project (RM75) includes teaching and art materials.  

My princess chose a cute ladybug as her first clay art lesson in her life. We are all excited about it.
Basically the teacher guided my princess to mix color, roll the clay into round shape and stick at places where the teacher has placed some glue. Throughout the lesson, my princess just listened attentively and followed instructions without any complaints.  Her motor skills are not perfect yet but I can see she was trying her best to do the art. I feel very proud of her! *sob

Due to limited time constraints, we left the place once her project was completed.  (About an hour) After the session, I did buy more clay art materials back as I plan to let my princess to have more chances in playing this fun art. 

I can't wait to teach her to do her favorite characters at home. Her Sesame Street friends are Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Grover, Oscar etc. I believe I have to learn to be a patient and creative mother who can teach my princess in many things in a fun way. It is never easy to be a full time mother.  Since I can't change my 'job' at the moment, I better embrace it with all my enthusiastic and love, enjoy every moment and cherish every single day. 

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and me! ^^

Happy Teacher's Day

My princess' s school requested all students to handmade Teacher's Day card this year. So I have bought some fingers art tool and other art materials to make this happen. 

This is our first experience in doing a card together.  We had spent about 1.5 hours to complete it as I allowed my princess to do most of the work by herself.  

As a perfectionist in art work, I have learn to control myself for not interfering too much on my 3-year-old girl's creativity. I just taught her how to do, asked her what does she wants or preferred and let her try by herself.  

Her long concentration span did impress me.
I hope her teacher will like her first DIY card in her life.  Happy Teacher's Day!