Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vtech- My Laptop (Pink)

My princess has received this gift from my hubby's friend from Hong Kong at the age of 2. Although she was able to read many words and even answer the questions from this laptop at that time, she doesn't like/appreciate this gift at all.

This cute laptop was kept in the store for about a year and finally I took out last night to test the water. We are delighted that our princess is now ready for it. She enjoyed playing the quizzes and finished many questions from the provided workbook by pressing the keyboard and controlling the mouse.

Seems like we really have to follow the given instructions on the box which stated it's for kids age 3 and above.  Hahaha! 

Some detail of this laptop:
Brand: VTECH
• 30 engaging activities covering English, math, games and music
• 8-directional cursor mouse detaches and changes sides to suit right and left-handed users
• A silly monkey character leads game play as helper and friend
• 3-6 years

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