Sunday, June 2, 2013

Clay Art Project at Publika

My younger sister and I decided to let my princess to try 1 session of clay art at Publika, near Mount Kiara, KL during our trip in May 2013. 

We are allowed to choose any art work from their samples and do the project at their shop for about 2 hours. The 1 time project (RM75) includes teaching and art materials.  

My princess chose a cute ladybug as her first clay art lesson in her life. We are all excited about it.
Basically the teacher guided my princess to mix color, roll the clay into round shape and stick at places where the teacher has placed some glue. Throughout the lesson, my princess just listened attentively and followed instructions without any complaints.  Her motor skills are not perfect yet but I can see she was trying her best to do the art. I feel very proud of her! *sob

Due to limited time constraints, we left the place once her project was completed.  (About an hour) After the session, I did buy more clay art materials back as I plan to let my princess to have more chances in playing this fun art. 

I can't wait to teach her to do her favorite characters at home. Her Sesame Street friends are Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Grover, Oscar etc. I believe I have to learn to be a patient and creative mother who can teach my princess in many things in a fun way. It is never easy to be a full time mother.  Since I can't change my 'job' at the moment, I better embrace it with all my enthusiastic and love, enjoy every moment and cherish every single day. 

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and me! ^^

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