Sunday, June 2, 2013

Silverspoon, Publika

I was surprised that my sister brought me to Silverspoon for lunch at Publika. It has the same name as the one in Miri.

At first I thought they are own by the same boss who operates two Citrus restaurants and one Silverspoon restaurant in Miri but later I found out I was wrong. (Just met and chatted with the boss today. ) There is no trademark for the name so this coincidence can happen.

Citrus was my favourite restaurant 3 years ago but due to the changed of locality and staff/chef, the food and service quality have dropped drastically.

The last visit of mine to Citrus restaurant was very unpleasant.  I have found a strain of hair in my food. It was extremely disgusting as I only saw it after finishing half portion. The waiter didn't apologise after I showed him the hair. He just quickly took my plate into the kitchen.  When he returned, he asked whether I want to have a new lunch set. I had turned down as my appetite was gone. They did waive on that order but I felt that they were not sorry about it. Anyway, I did SMS the boss as I felt that this hygienic matter is serious especially he is operating food and beverage buisiness.  The boss did reply that he is sorry and will be more careful in future.

I have banned this restaurant in my list, at least for the time being.  I can't accept my food has hair or other insects in it. I hope they can improve so that I can visit them again in near future?!

There's one Silverspoon restaurant in Miri too. I have tried and doesn't like their food either.  The toilet was dirty and the food quality was bad. I understand it's never easy to manage the staff if they are not motivated.  So overall, I don't have much interest to try again.

However, since we were already in the restaurant at Publika, we decided to sit down and have a try. Hoping KL and Miri's standard can be different.

We had ordered:
1) caesar salad- too much mayonnaise;
2) beef steak - too dry and hard, overcook though we ordered medium well;
3) duck pizza - turned up to be super salty.

The pricing are not cheap.  We were quite disappointed with the food. This has proven that not all expensive food equals to delicious food.

We will not step in this restaurant again in near future. Gonna give other restaurants a chance. 

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  1. Hi,

    noticed your unpleasant dining experience in Silver Spoon, we thanks your comment on the food and will study again on it

    Thank You

    Mei Yien


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