Saturday, December 15, 2012

Welcoming new buddy in the car - Big Bird

I have bought another Sesame Street character - Big Bird for my princess. She was overjoyed when I passed to her after school. For the first time, I heard her giggling and communicate with her Cookie Monsters and Big Bird together. Their imaginary friends really kept her accompany.
Children's laughter is always my best medicine! Love you, my dear!

Popular Book Fair, Miri

Very disappointed with the Popular Book Fair at Permy Mall, Miri. I was attracted by the banners along the roadside in town but was surprised to see how "big" the fair is. The books are so limited and price are not as cheap as advertised.

Well, they do have 50% and 70% off books but mostly are torn, used, old, yellowish, not functioning electronic

Next to the book fair there is another small book fair organized by KK bookstore. Mainly Chinese books from China and some stationery. Expensive price too.

Not worth going at all.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spelling Game

Opened up another new box of Spelling game for her today. There are 3-letter and 4-letter words with picture puzzle to play with. It's quite confusing especially when my girl tried to play according to the spelling letters, not looking at the picture or color. As when all the words are mixed up, there are many same letters but for different puzzle pieces. So I taught her a skill to look at both letters and picture/color. She cope pretty well and learn how to solve it accordingly. She spells all words with phonics.

It's pretty tiring to finish the whole box in one go but I had pushed her to the limit by using her favorite chocolate cookies to lure her. She agreed to finish the whole box without any complain for the reward. Hehe!