Friday, February 24, 2012

Reading by myself

My hobby is reading. 

All by myself. ^^

Thursday, February 23, 2012

26-month-old reading progress (books)

My princess is now 26-month-old. It's amazing to see how fast she grows everyday. She can speak and read in sentences which helps her to express herself better. These are the latest record of her reading and speaking progress. 

Months of the years:
Jan to Dec (say or read out like A to Z without problem)

(You can say any of the word and she will reply the opposite answer)
1) up- down
2) in - out
3) above - under
4) dark - bright
5) black - white
6) nice - grouchy
7) asleep - awake
8) happy - sad
9) fat - thin
10) thick - thin
11) tall - short
12) big - small/little
13) sit - stand
14) wet - dry
15) dirty - clean
16) fast - slow
17) left - right
18) on - off
19) new - old
20) far - near
21) come - go
22) a lot/many - none

Sentences that she can converse:
1) I love you, mummy/daddy/teddy bear/Elmo/doggie/bunny etc.
2) Where is my towel/book/remote control etc.
3) I want to play building blocks/Lego/Doraemon etc.
4) What color is this?
5) How many colors are there?
6) Can you count?
7) Drink milk/water/soup.
8) Eat grapes/apple/pear/banana etc.
9) Go upstairs/downstairs/out/shopping.
10) I miss you.
11) Carry me please.
12) Thank you.
13) Bye-bye, see you tomorrow/later.
14) Happy birthday.
15) Good morning to you/mummy/daddy.
16) Good night. Sleep tight.
17) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
18) Let's go to the playground.
19) Faster!
20) Mummy/daddy, where are you?
21) Where are you going?
22) Come here!
23) Oh dear!
24) Hello, mummy/daddy etc.
25) He is running away.
26) Excuse me.
27) So sorry.
28) So tired.
29) So sleepy.
30) So hungry.
31) Mummy is cooking/washing.
32) Daddy is working/sleeping.
33) Daddy goes to work.
34) How are you?
35) Sweet dream.
36) Switch on/off the light, please.
37) So many people/chairs/tables/books etc.
38) So nice.
39) So beautiful.
40) Very dirty/dusty!

New vocabulary that she can read:
1) enormous
2) snack
3) fetch
4) rattle
5) dwelling
6) adventure
7) flip
8) dawdle
9) costume
10) crop
11) hectic
12) cliff
13) nibble
14) immense
15) polite
16) curly
17) balance
18) pester
19) meek
20) suspicious
21) variety
22) crash
23) faithful
24) broad
25) famous
26) theater
27) alphabet
28) opposite
29) observe
30) doughnut
31) frown
32) urgent
33) favorite
34) complain
35) candle
36) spice
37) interfere
38) brook
39) blossom
40) Happy birthday
41) Happy New Year
42) wander
43) mask
44) pleasant
45) appetite
46) muffin
47) rude
48) shriek
49) throwing tantrum
50) urban
51) deserve
52) curious
53) present
54) bun
55) scrumptious
56) delicious
57) yummy
58) acrobat
59) amusing
60) pretend
61) fidget
62) cash
63) chilly
64) ice-cream
65) cold drink
66) milk powder
67) chocolate
68) soya bean milk
69) brag
70) borrow
71) feather
72) remarkable
73) expensive
74) neighbor
75) ladder
76) luggage
77) brownie
78) exit
79) contest
80) entrance
81) power
82) thunderstorm
83) beehive
84) bumblebee
85) building blocks
86) robot
87) middle
88) everywhere
89) everybody
90) everyone
91) nobody
92) tremble
93) flash
94) shake
95) refrigerator
96) perform
97) microwave
98) bubble
99) crust
100) insect
101) caterpillar
102) dare
103) vanish
104) astronaut
105) spaceship
106) earth
107) ocean
108) blizzard
109) snowman
110) quarrel
111) hasty
112) bucket
112) budge
113) private
114) chirp
115) relax
116) wink
117) immediately
118) celebrate
119) puff
120) swarm
121) cloud
122) voyage
123) diary
124) litter
125) tumble
126) mutter
127) people
128) weep
129) mountain
130) river
131) alligator
132) crocodile
133) cattle
134) umbrella
135) correct
136) hollow
137) valuable
138) money
139) opinion
140) wagon
141) vacation
142) fancy
143) treasure
144) tangle
145) wonderful
146) peculiar
147) excellent
148) well done
149) expect
150) ribbon
151) invent
152) scientist
153) firefighter
154) building
155) alarm clock
156) suds
157) guest
158) sprinkle
159) gloomy
160) pause
161) curve
162) reward
163) habit
164) juggle
165) squeak
166) noisy
167) steep
168) burst
169) comfortable
170) fortune
171) doodle
172) noodle
173) bland
174) narrow
175) adopt
176) newspaper
177) peel
178) cozy
179) faint
180) parade
181) agree
182) crisp
183) crackle

Books that she can read:

1)Baby's day
(eating, yum, talking, mum, sitting, wobble, playing, splish, splash, laughing, tickle, sleeping, tight, nite, sleep)

2)Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (12 board books)
- Go! Go! Go!
- Sizes
- Road trip
- Animals
- Opposite
- Helping hands
- Count with us
- Favorite Things
- Picnic time
- Shapes
- Colors
- Let's grow

3) Sesame Street (12 board books)
- Grover's opposites
- Share with me
- Rhyme with me
- Zoe's figt
- Sesame sounds
- We see shapes
- Count with me
- Elmo's music
- Big picture
- Let's Go
- Favorite colors
- Good night

4) Ready, Set Go!
(Level 1)
- My body
- See, Hear and Smell
- My home
- My family and me
- My pet
- What colour is it?
- My birthday
- Who am I?
- My world
- What season is it?

(Level 2)
- Touch, see and taste
- My clothes
- Helping my family
- My New House
- What shape is it?
- My town
- On the move
- Hot and cold
- Land and sea
- What do they do?

(Level 3)
- Me and my senses
- A day with my family
- My new school
- Colours and shapes
- My playtime

5) Little Grammar Book
(Set 1)
- Eat and Drink
- Up and Down
- In or On?
- Orange, oranges
- Cat and Kitten

6) Butterfly books set
- Rabbit is going away
- It's playtime
- I like the country
- Could I see the doctor, please?
- The witch's spell
- Mummy's new vase
- I wish...
- My farm
- My new camera
- Daddy is late!

7) Little Readers Series
(Set 1)
- Jo Jo goes to the beach
- Our New House
- I can paint
- What is that?
- Rice is rather nice
- Guess who?
- The monkey band
- Grandpa's visit
- A fancy number book

(Set 2)
- My magic roller-skates
- When I get sick
- He and I
- Playing with my friends
- Lizard for sale
- With my hands
- Where is my teddy?
- My daddy is fun
- A funny alphabet book

(Set 3)
- Bubbles everywhere
- Fruit salad
- A packet of seeds
- Elephants never forget
- Baking a cake
- My cat cuddles
- Colours everywhere
- A very wet Sunday
- Mr Shapeman

(Set 4)
- The iguana
- Monster catches a cold
- Crossing the river
- When I grow up
- A mouse in the house
- In the park
- The new car
- Deepavali
- In grandma's garden

8) 小太阳阅读计划
(Level 1)
- 杰杰和佳佳

9) Disney Winnie the Pooh set
- Pooh and Friends Running
- Pooh and Friends Skipping
- Pooh and Friends Dancing
- Pooh and Friends Stretching
- Pooh and Friends Hopping
- Pooh and Friends Marching

10) Clifford The Big Red Dog
(Pack 1)
- Hello Clifford!
- I see my dad
- Happy birthday, Clifford
- T-Bone on top
- Who hid it?
- Friends
- Clifford can
- Will Clifford win?
- At bat
- Clifford and the Jet
- Clifford is tops
- Wet Pets

11) Hi, Friends! set
- Let's paint!
- What to wear?
- Bobo Bear's birthday

12) Usborne Very First Reading Set
- Pirate Pat
- Wild School
- Mr. Mystery

13) Scholastic Reader Level 1
- Silly Milly
- Bunny Race

14) Dr. Seuss
- One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
- Green eggs and ham
- Put me in the zoo
- Hop on Pop
- Are you my mother
- The cat in the hat
- The Berenstains' B

15) My Very First Steps set
- Farm
- Jungle

16) Scholastic at-home phonics reading program
- I can!
- The Hat
- Stop the tot!

17) A Razzle Dazzle Book
- Opposite

18) Frog's lunch

19) Barney - Color My World

20) A children's book about - Throwing Tantrums

21) One rainy day

22) Round-and-about shapes

23) You and Me: We're opposites

24) Carlo likes counting

25) Scholastic Little Leveled Readers set
- What shines?
- Follow me
- The snow zoo
- The rain rained
- Best friends
- I like dogs
- Farm babies
- Count the mice
- P is for Pancakes
- The pizza that Pete made
- I'm not afraid of anything
- My loose tooth
- Mary had a great big dog
- Pumpkin, pumpkin, on a vine
- Sledding song

26) My first picture alphabet

27) National Geographic Kids (Pre-reader)
- Safari

28) Hide and Seek set:
- Ocean
- Forest
- Jungle
- Farm

29) My first steps to reading:
- My "A" book
- My "B" book
- My "C" book
- My "F" book

30) Big and Little (A Book of opposites)

31) Young Children Reading Scheme
- Colours

32) What a wonderful world

33) My very first 100 animals

34) How about a kiss for me?

35) Animal ABC

36) Future Ace: My first picture dictionary

37) Noodles series
- Don't cut my hair

38) Hello, fire truck

39) Cookie's week

40) B-I-N-G-O

41) Lucky's big week

42) Too purpley

43) I love bugs!

44) Kisses

45) Under the apple tree

46) Barnyard banter

Only listed those she could read the whole book by herself and only put up the cover of the books which I could find them online (to ease your search if you would like to get the same book in future). 

Those books which still on her reading progress (not fully mastered yet) are not listed here. And those books she had read when she was 1-year-old (simple words books) are not listed here too. 

I'm glad my princess loves to read. That's why I am so crazy in buying books here and there. Since I'm not sending her to any school yet, I am trying my best to teach her as much as possible in a fun and loving way at home. Home schooling is highly recommended to all parents!

Due to the way I buy books (just like I'm building a library or opening a bookstore), I have contacts of the books suppliers who are willing to give me special discounts. So if you are interested in getting children books in discounted price too, please do contact me ( so that we can make our bulk purchase together to save the cost. ^^

I always encourage my friends to start teaching their children how to read from young. Some accepted the idea but mostly said no. They feel that childhood are too important for the children so better let them enjoy playing rather than give them pressure. I have to stress that, teaching your children how to read can be fun too. Your children will find many interesting knowledge from the books by themselves. My princess loves reading and keeps asking for more books everyday. If she doesn't enjoy reading, nobody can force her. If you need any advice on how to teach your baby to read, feel free to discuss in the comment box below. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bike (25-month-old)

"My first biking experience!"

My princess has been eyeing on her cousin's bicycle when we stayed at their condominium during Chinese New Year. She kept asking for our permission to let her try on it and finally her wishes came true. We were surprised that her legs are long enough to place at the pedals. Look at her smile, so happy and excited! 

After that day, my hubby and I were wondering whether we should get her a tricycle or a bicycle. One morning, when my princess was leaning on me and reading a book, I asked her whether she prefers to get a tricycle or a bicycle. She said tricycle. Then I asked, what color does she wants, she said red. I was quite surprised with her answers and after re-confirmed a few times with her, I believe she knows what she wants. (2-year-old kid can make her firm decision without changing it! No joke!)

In the end, we bought her a red tricycle from Toy'Rus at Mid-Valley. As for the 2-wheel bicycle, she will have to wait for another few years. At least she can cycle her tricycle at home whenever she wants now. When she is old enough to play alone at the front yard, she can own a bicycle then. (Her mother is afraid of sun, that's why. Haha!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun with Lego (Belle Bookstore, Miri)

Stacking up higher and higher.

This is fun !

Mummy, I think I am building a funny building.

You can take my photos as much as you like but don't ask me to look at the camera.
I am concentrating on my mega project now.

I had brought along my princess to Belle Bookstore, Miri to buy her books one day. There's a children playing corner where kids can play the Lego for free. That was her first Lego experience and she seems like loving it. So we decided to buy her Lego set after that. Till now, she still loves the colorful Lego which allow her to create many things according to her creative mind. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cake (25-month-old)

"I love to eat cake."

"I can feed myself well nowadays. Hmmm....eating like a lady."

"Ahhh!! Look! My mouth is full, mummy!"

"The TV commercial advertisement always show that the kids have to leave some 'stain' on the lips or face to express their enjoyment and satisfaction on their food huh." 

"Just like this?! Hehehe!"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come is a 1998 American supernatural drama film, starring Robin WilliamsCuba Gooding, Jr., and Annabella Sciorra. The film is based on the 1978 novel of the same name by Richard Matheson, and was directed by Vincent Ward.

While vacationing in Italy, Dr. Christopher "Chris" Nielsen (Robin Williams) accidentally meets artist Annie Collins (Annabella Sciorra), with whom he has an instant connection. They marry and have two children: Ian (Josh Paddock) and Marie (Jessica Brooks Grant). Their idyllic life comes to an end when the children die in a car crash, and while things are at first very difficult with Annie mentally breaking down and the risk of divorce hanging over their heads, they manage to pull through.

However, on the anniversary of the day they decided not to divorce, Chris is involved in a car accident that kills him. Initially confused as to why nobody can interact with him, Chris lingers on Earth, watching Annie cope with the loss and attempting to communicate with her, until he understands how this harms her, and he decides to move on.
Chris awakens in Heaven (where everything is controlled and produced by his mind), where a man (Cuba Gooding Jr.) whom Chris recognizes as Albert, his friend and mentor from his medical residency, is there to guide him. As Albert walks Chris through his new abilities, both are surprised when a Blue Jacaranda tree appears unbidden in Chris's personal section of Heaven, matching a tree in a new painting of Annie's, indicating that the couple are a rare case of soul mates. During his tour he also encounters an Asian woman with a nametag reading "Leona", whom he recognizes as his daughter Marie, living in a section shaped like a diorama she loved. The two share a tearful reunion.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Annie is unable to cope with the loss of her husband and commits suicide. Chris, who is initially relieved that her suffering is over, quickly turns to anger when he learns that those who commit suicide are sent to Hell, as it is their nature to create "anti-fantasy" worlds based on their pain. He is adamant that he will rescue Annie from Hell, despite Albert's insistence that no one has ever succeeded in doing so. Albert agrees to find Chris a "tracker" (who takes the form of Sigmund Freud) to help find Annie's soul.

Journeying to Hell, Chris finds himself recalling memories of his son. Remembering how he'd called him the one man he'd want at his side to brave hell with, Chris realizes Albert is Ian: the boy explains that he chose to appear as Albert because he was the only person Chris would ever listen to. Before they part ways, Ian bids Chris to remember how he saved his marriage during the aftermath of the car crash, when Annie's grief led her to be institutionalized, and to their near divorce.
After traversing a field full of the faces of the damned, they come upon a hellish replica of his and Annie's house. The tracker, who reveals himself as the real Albert, warns Chris that if he stays with Annie for more than a few minutes, he may become permanently trapped too, and that all that may be done is allow them a proper goodbye. He also explains to Chris that his loved ones have appeared as other people so that he would allow them to guide him.
Chris enters the house to find Annie unable to remember anything, even that she committed suicide. After he is unable to make her remember, he chooses to join Annie forever in Hell. However, remembering the words he says as he accepts the sacrifice as the same ones he'd given her when she'd been institutionalized, Annie comes to, and Chris awakes with Annie in Heaven once more.

Chris and Annie are reunited with their children (who take on their own appearances once again), and while the four are happy to see each other again, Chris suggests being reborn, so that he and Annie can experience the only thing they won't be able to replicate in Heaven: life. The film ends with Chris and Annie meeting again as young children. (copied & edited from Wikipedia)

This is a romantic movie that my hubby and I watched on our 2012 Valentine's Day. Maybe I had watched too many movies in my life, I managed to guess the story line before the things happened in the movie. 
We were laughing away but Robbin Williams is such a wonderful actor. He is one of my favorite actors who can act extremely well. While watching this movie, we hold our hands and enjoyed the time being together.
I'm not sure whether the heaven and hell in the movie are true but it is very touching to have such eternal love. The painting and scenery of this movie are so breathtaking. It is so wonderful to have a soul mate as your life time partner and lover!
I believe this is the sweetest Valentine's Day for me as I needn't any flowers, fancy dinner or presents to celebrate. The best is to being so loving and able to spend precious time together. Live and love as if tomorrow never comes! Therefore everyday is my Valentine's Day! 

Travel with MAS again 2

Daddy make an aeroplane for me. 

My first MAS aeroplane is flying. Whoosh~

Oopps! Mayday, mayday...not enough fuel.

Hmm....Yummy! French fries from Marrybrown.
I can eat & play at the same time, so enjoyable!
Now the aeroplane has fuel to fly again. 

Travel with MAS again

Finally my princess is 'old' enough (25-month-old) to have her own seat.
This is her set meal given by MAS. 

The box cover can be make into an....


Check out what's inside the meal box:
Waffle with maple syrup, Oreo cookies, fruits,  Kit-Kat chocolate bar, chocolate cake and one packet of mini size Milo.
We like the colorful cutlery though. 

She loves the Milo drink as usual. Other than that, she has no interest at all. 

Oh! Except the small booklet & mini pen attached in the set too. Time to scribble.....