Monday, February 20, 2012

Bike (25-month-old)

"My first biking experience!"

My princess has been eyeing on her cousin's bicycle when we stayed at their condominium during Chinese New Year. She kept asking for our permission to let her try on it and finally her wishes came true. We were surprised that her legs are long enough to place at the pedals. Look at her smile, so happy and excited! 

After that day, my hubby and I were wondering whether we should get her a tricycle or a bicycle. One morning, when my princess was leaning on me and reading a book, I asked her whether she prefers to get a tricycle or a bicycle. She said tricycle. Then I asked, what color does she wants, she said red. I was quite surprised with her answers and after re-confirmed a few times with her, I believe she knows what she wants. (2-year-old kid can make her firm decision without changing it! No joke!)

In the end, we bought her a red tricycle from Toy'Rus at Mid-Valley. As for the 2-wheel bicycle, she will have to wait for another few years. At least she can cycle her tricycle at home whenever she wants now. When she is old enough to play alone at the front yard, she can own a bicycle then. (Her mother is afraid of sun, that's why. Haha!)

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