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Pocoyo is a four-year-old charmer who has gathered a crew of friends to explore his world: Pato, his duck, Loula, his dog, Ellie, his elephant, and Sleeping Bird, Little Bird, Egg, and Octopus. The name, Pocoyo, in Spanish it means 'Little Me'.

He is a child just like any other, he often laughs, he sometimes cries, and he loves playing and having fun. He also represents the child in all of us and the child we would all like to be. He is playful, spontaneous, fearless and very curious! Everything in Pocoyo’s life is new, exciting and above all fun – brimming over with opportunities to play and learn.

He is a little boy full of exuberant, wide-eyed curiosity who loves to explore the world around him. Affectionate, sociable and playful, Pocoyo is also learning about the essentials of human relationships and emotions.

Pocoyo is not a model-child for preschoolers. He is on the same voyage of discovery as they are.

Pocoyo is about a young child’s discovery of the world around him. It is about learning how to learn.
It is about curiosity, openness, interest, tolerance, respect and love – fundamental human values.
Pocoyo represents an aspirational ideal, the kind of world that parents and carers would love their kids to experience.

Pocoyo is about learning through laughter.

The name Pocoyo was invented by one of the creator's daughter two-year-old. He was reading one of his daughter's favourite bed time stories, and at the end she tried to say that the main character was "like me" (como yo) , but it came out as "little me" (poco yo).

Pocoyo is a brand new pre-school animated series about the captivating adventures of Pocoyo, an inquisitive and fun-loving little boy. Pocoyo is a child with an insatiable curiosity, living in a world of limitless opportunities. Featuring a cast of colourful, loveable characters, Pocoyo captures the imagination and stimulates children to watch, listen and interact, promoting creativity, self-awareness and self-confidence by learning through laughter.

Each episode typically opens with Pocoyo at play, until he suddenly spots an object which he starts to explore. His exploration of and play with the object leads to a situation which needs resolution, sometimes with the assistance of his friends. Regular songs, music and dance sequences are incorporated in each episode.

Each programme is carefully crafted to ensure the material and language is both appropriate and relevant to a pre-school child. However, it also introduces a world of fantasy to stimulate the imagination and develop a sense of fun. Many early learning concepts such as numbers, space, shape, colour and pattern are introduced in an orderly, clear and simple way.

Pocoyo is more about learning how to learn than about teaching specific lessons. The door is opened to a universe of happiness and laughter where anything can happen as Pocoyo and his friends discover everything around them, making children want to do the same in their own world.

There are newer characters also: space aliens, spiders and more. My daughter loves this show very much! This is her first favourite cartoon before she gets 1-yr-old. We just need to mention "Pocoyo", she will immediately keep quiet (no matter how cranky she was) and look at the tv screen. 
(copied & edited from the official website) 

You needn't worry whether this cartoon has any bad or negative story line as they are all positive and cute. Children just sit down there and learn happily in each 7 minutes episode. There are total of 104 episodes though.

The background is always simple but the expression of the characters are so well done. Now the cartoon is available on youtube and also DVD in the market. Feel free to visit their offical website at

Cute animation which your children shouldn't miss!


  1. My son is in love with pocoyo! My son isn't 1year old yet but he will sit there and watch pocoyo for hours, I actually record all the episodes on my DVR.Great animated cartoon

  2. Pocoyo is very cute! Can download the free apps from itune too. :)


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