Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Magenta, Kuching

Romantic  dinner at Magenta, Kuching (Found out that they had moved from Nanas Road to Old Court House)

Spacious dining area.

Unique lighting with wooden floor like previous design at their old place. When the plus size customer/waiter walks from one place to another, you can feel 'earthquake' all the time.

The mushroom soup was quite nice but the portion was too big. We already felt very full after drinking half of the soup with the salad and home-made garlic bread we ordered.

My lamb shank pasta.

My hubby's special order ~ Vegetarian pasta.

He managed to finish the pasta but complained that it was too oily.

I failed to finish mine though.

The restaurant have big plants here and there. Good for privacy and due to being blocked by this big plant, we have difficulties in getting the waiters throughout the whole session.

That was our bill and the tips on the nice pearl clam-shaped tipping plate. Overall, I felt quite disappointed this time. I still prefer the old place where they served better food + better services.

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