Monday, February 21, 2011


I am a person who doesn't know how to express love well, except to children. Maybe the children are simpler and pure to me, which I never ask for return. Seeing them happy, learned and being loved, I feel satisfy within me. For all these years, due to my profession, I have met and taught many types of children. Some are very active and some are very quiet. All of them have different learning method and I wish I have enough time for each of them as I believe all kids can be taught well. Even ADHD, ADD or autistic children.

That night, I went to my neighbor's place with my husband. The kids are very active. While we were chatting with the mother, the eldest son (3-year-old) climbed up to the sofa, standing without support, and tried to reach the painting and clock on the wall. The younger sis who is going to be 2-year-old followed. The mother was feeding a baby in her arm, shouted at the children. I quickly went to them, carried the girl, make sure she 'landed' safely on the ground and tried to convince the boy to come down.

I wasn't feeling well that time, back was aching as usual and I know I don't have the strength to carry the boy down as he might struggle if he refused to. So I talked to him nicely, convinced him by telling him what will happen if he falls down from the sofa. The boy turned and looked at me in the eyes, then he came down and mumbled a lot which we all couldn't understand. His mother kept telling me that he has problem in expressing himself as he can't speak clearly.

The boy talked to me and I continued to have eye contact with him. I nodded my head, replied by agreeing what he said and at the same time I was trying hard to catch his words. He talked more when he saw me 'understand' his words. Slowly, I got to get his point that he was trying to tell me he had bumped his head from falling before and it was painful.

I told him to sit next to me on the floor and chat. He did it but after a few minutes, he stood up, wanted to do 'something else'. I quickly told him to sing songs to me. (Tried to get him distracted before he goes for other exciting 'games' again.) He ran away after that. I thought he must be feeling shy but suddenly I heard him singing behind the wall, peeping at me. I praised him and let him finished the ABC song. With my encouragement, he walked nearer to me and continued to sing with a louder voice. I clapped and praised him after he had finished. From his eyes, I can see the joy beneath him. He became more confident and stood in front of me eventually, continue to sing ABC repeatedly. I told him to sing other songs, and he did. He sang many nursery songs he had learned in school and I found out that he can sing and pronounced the words clearly while singing but not in talking.

If his parents want my help in guiding him, I believe I can make him speak out better and learn more things than the school. His father has to work outstation and can only be with the family 5 days in a month. Whereas the mother has to look after 3 young ones, she barely has the time to stimulate this boy's brain. He is so energetic and love to explore. Same as the 2nd girl, who looks braver than the brother and very strong in her motor skills. 

The children reminds me of my days at my learning centre. I miss my students, the children and the adult. I believe it's God's will to let me be away from my centre so that I can have more time with my own family as I'm such a workaholic. Other than my own child, I have no idea whether I still have the chance to teach other children again.

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