Sunday, January 1, 2012

Miri Airport

Last night, our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Miri has been delayed. So by the time when we arrived in Miri and bought our cab ticket, it was nearly 12 midnight. A few people who bought the cab tickets were queuing in front of us and soon we found out that there were actually no cab for us at all.

The clerk at the cab counter already packed their bags to go home. The worse part is, the airport workers switched off all the lights, regardless we were still waiting for our cab out there. They make us waited in the dark, I bet the cab driver wouldn't be able to differentiate who are their passengers from far too.

It was dark and my princess started to cry due to hunger and tiredness. We really struggled to prepare milk for her as we can hardly see the things we need from the nursery bag but to feel them with our hands. In the end, the clerk of the counter pity us. (Imagine my princess's voice was so loud and clear in that quiet night) She volunteered to send us back home by using her own private car. (although we were the last one who bought the ticket from them). I have no idea what happened to other passengers who have to continue to wait in the dark.

I am glad that we were able to reach home safely. Thank God for His arrangement (make my princess cried so loud and got the attention from the kind-hearted clerk). Good to have a tired and hungry baby sometimes.  Hmm...I hope someone can make complain about this matter. It is quite dangerous to wait for cab in the dark at the airport. What an experience!