Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hunting for Pre-school in Miri

My daughter is going to be 2 years old by end of this year (2011). Although she already can read many words and also in short sentences, I feel that she needs to learn how to mingle with friends. Half-day schooling time will be sufficient. I can bring her home and educate her more if I want. Emm...I want her to learn how to defend herself too. Many times I saw her got bully by other children (who have siblings) during the church meeting. The other kids can just grab things from her hand, teased her or purposely push her to fall. She feels scared to take back her thing and doesn't know how to fight back nor defend herself. I don't wish to have another kid just to train her up so I choose to send her to a school for her to pick up some social skill. (I will be happy if she knows how to FIGHT! Haha!)

Of course, I don't wish to kill her interest in a boring school which cannot teach her new things. She loves to read. So reading and recognizing more words (prefer 1 to 1) in the class is my minimum requirement. I need a hygienic place too. Many parents told me that their kids kept falling sick after sending them to school (some falls sick every month). I know I can't really prevent this from happening in future. I'm prepared for that but still, it's essential to do a check at the school's environment and safety precaution before enrollment too.

It's not that easy to find a pre-school with so many requirements in Miri. Oh dear! Am I asking too much?

These are the schools I have visited this month. I would love to share the information here so that for those parents who are searching for good pre-school, you can save up your precious time. Ask yourself what type of school and budget are you looking for and call up or visit the school personally after that. Talk to the person-in-charge or interview the principal to find out more! What I'm providing here is only a rough guide.

Remember, it's important to get a good school for your kid. As he/she will have to stay there for minimum 1 year. It will be difficult to change to other school after the school reopen so make sure you decide properly without much regret!

1) Tadika Faith Montessori

Area: Opposite Pujut Primary School

Tel: 085-653400 (O), 013-8332193 (Mobile)

Monthly Fee: RM300 (half day), RM500 (full day)

Time: 8am to 12 noon (half day), 8am to 5pm (full day)

Meal included: breakfast (half day)/ breakfast, lunch and tea-break (full day)
(Parents have to bring the milk powder and label them so that the teachers can prepare milk for the child to drink when they are hungry)

Programmes: Motor skills (they are many motor skills toys for the children to play everyday), social skill (teach the students how to mingle and also be patient while waiting for others to finish the game they want to play etc), potty training, flash card (pictures only, there will be no words or alphabet introduction till they are 4 years old) and songs.

First payment: RM1085 (half day), RM1335 (full day)
(The first payment includes Registration fee, refundable deposit, 1st month school fee, worksheet/stationary per yr, school uniform x 1, sport attire x 1 and insurance for 1 yr)
*Students are required to wear school uniform everyday, so you might have to buy extra uniform (RM35 per pc) upon registration as the 1st payment only include 1 piece. 

Age: Children from 2 to 6 years old

Ratio of the class: 25 students: 3 teachers (age 2 & 3 class)

Language: So far I only see Chinese teachers around. The teacher told me that although they will use English to teach in the class, they will speak Mandarin most of the time.

Environment: There are no air-conditioner in the classroom (the extended area from the house). Only ceiling fans. The teachers will open all windows for ventilation. However, they will switch on 1 air-conditioner (in the house) before they take nap. The air-conditioner will be switch off once the room temperature is cooling enough for the children.

Playground: There are children playground with shade.

Others: They also provide tuition in the afternoon for the kindergarten and primary school children.

WOW feeling: The classroom for 2-3 years old children are quite spacious and many nice motor skill toys/games are available. So far it looks pretty complete, neat and tidy at the place.

2) Tadika Bintang Ria (Q-Dees)

Area: Jalan Jee Foh 4, Krokop, Opposite Yakin Coffee Shop

Tel: 085-421112 (O), 017-853 1112 (Mobile)

Principal: Jamie Wong

Monthly Fee: *RM239 (half day), *RM459 (full day)
* They have 4 terms (Jan, Mar, Jun, Sept) in a year. For each new term, the students are require to pay for a new set of teaching material fee. For EDP (Early Development Programme - age 2 - 3), the Materials and supplementary + Fliptec@Q Multimedia costs RM276, which means on every new terms, the school fee will be RM515, not RM239 for half day, RM735, not RM459 for full day. So average school fee per month is RM339 (11 months).

Time: 8am to 12.30pm (half day), 8am to 5.30pm (full day)
* Parents have to pick up their kid on or before 12.30pm/5.30pm. Or else there will be a penalty of being late. Minimum charge of RM10 will be applied even if you are late for 5 minutes.

Meal included: breakfast (half day)/ breakfast, lunch and tea-break (full day)
(This school provides proper menu for breakfast and lunch. If your kid has food allergy, please specify the items to the principal upon registration. The notes will be stick in the classroom so that they can avoid problems in future. Parents have to bring the milk powder and label them so that the teachers can prepare milk for the child when he/she is hungry.)

Programmes: Multimedia, 1 to 1 Reading, Science and Discovery, Character Building, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, IQ Maths, Early Discovery, Music, Art & Craft and Gymslex. (potty training too)

First payment: RM1040 (half day), RM1335 (full day)
(The first payment includes Registration fee, uniform x 2, gym wear x 1, Readers - 8 books per set, Memories to cherish album, Preschool kit, insurance, November school fee.) 
* This school doesn't collect deposit but advance school fee for November. 

Age: Children from 2 to 6 years old

Ratio of the class: 15 students: 2 teachers (age 2 and 3 class)

Language: English will be the common language in this school. Most of the teachers are non-Chinese. Only one Mandarin subject available throughout the year. They also provides teaching with the computer.

Environment: Provides fully air-conditioned in all classrooms. They have individual classrooms for each different levels. There is one set of computer in each classroom for their multimedia lessons too. Some of the toilets are specially designed for toddlers. Very cute!

Playground: There are children playground with shade.

Others: If you are busy working on Sat, this school provides day care too. The children (age 2 to 6) will be in the same classroom doing the same activities, such as colouring, sing songs etc.

WOW feeling: The principal is always around! This is very important as principal is the one who can make sure everything runs well. She is a lady who knows pretty much about early childhood education. Seeing how the children love her, and how they interact to each other, I feel safe to keep my daughter there.

I like the menu of the food too. It's important to know what are the food prepared/given to our child in the school. We don't want our child to eat junk food or imbalance diet for the whole year in school.

Fully air-conditioned, proper teaching material, children's ready progress chart, separate classrooms, safe environment and polite teachers give me the best impression of all.

I did bring my daughter there yesterday and found out she loves to be in the classroom. She sat down with the children and do colouring with them although she is the youngest among all (22 month). I feel happy to see my daughter feels secure and happy there. Well, I will still survey around before I make the final decision as this school is quite far away from my house.

3) Taska Ceria

Area: Jalan Jee Foh 6, Krokop

Tel: 014-6923255 (mobile)

Monthly Fee: RM250 (half day), RM400 (full day)

Time: 8am to 12 noon (half day), 8am to 5pm (full day)

Meal included: breakfast (half day)/ breakfast, lunch, tea-break (full day)
(Parents have to bring the milk powder and label them so that the teachers can prepare milk for the child to drink when they are hungry)

Programmes: The students will learn from flash cards, coloring, and different motor skill toys. The teacher will have a weekly report together with the student's worksheets to the parents on every Friday so that the parents can be aware on their kid's progress. Abacus lesson will be included too. 

First payment: RM830 (half day), RM1180 (full day)
(The first payment includes Registration fee, refundable school fee, 1st month school fee, yearly miscellaneous fee, uniform x 2 and 1 year insurance.) 

Age: Children from 6 months old to 4 years old

Ratio of the class: 15 students: 2 teachers

Language: The principal is a Chinese Muslim who can converse in 3 languages. She had 5 years experience in Sabah, just moved to Miri and startup recently. Next year school intake will be her first year in Miri.

Environment: The living room and one of the room upstairs have air-conditioner. However, the living room is very big, only one corner can feel the cool breeze. Other part of the living room where it keeps story books is quite hot. This school has many reachable learning toys and story books. It's quite attractive for the students to play there. The children have the freedom to choose whatever toys they want to play. 

Playground: There are two slides available with shade.

WOW feeling: The principal is a nice lady. She knows how to handle the small kids well. I have been struggling whether I should enroll my daughter at her place to enjoy more learning games or Q-Dees which is more academic. This place is new so the teachers will have more attention on their students (unlike those established one, the students might can't cope well with too many kids in one class). My daughter refused to leave the place when we brought her there during the open house. She loves the environment so much! Hmm...dilemma.

4) Taska Junior - 3Q MRC Junior, MRC Kids, MRC Toddlers

Area: Jalan Miri-Bintulu

Tel: 085-611069 (O), 016-8662188 (Mobile)

Monthly Fee: RM230 (half day), RM400 (full day)

Time: 8am to 12 noon (half day), 8am to 5.30pm (full day)

Meal included: breakfast (half day)/ breakfast and lunch (full day)
(Parents have to bring the milk powder and label them so that the teachers can prepare milk for the child to drink when they are hungry)

Programmes: Emphasizes on 3 languages (Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese Language), Puzzle and story scrap book methodology, flash card, aural-oral and reading skills.

First payment: RM542 (half day), RM742 (full day)
(The first payment includes Registration fee, 1st month school fee, worksheet/stationary per yr, school uniform x 1, sport attire x 1 and 1 year insurance)
*You might have to buy extra uniform (RM22 per pc) upon registration as the 1st payment only include 1 piece. 

Age: Children from 6 months old to 12 years old

Ratio of the class: 10 students: 2 teachers (age 2 and 3 class)

Language: So far I only see Chinese teachers around. I believe Mandarin will be their common language there.

Environment: There is a big classroom which divided into 3 small classrooms with the removable wall partitions. It's not sound proof and they have to open up the door often for the middle classroom's students/teachers to go in and out, which I found it distracting. All the classrooms have air-conditioners. When I visited the place, the classroom stinks (urine smell). The children can come out from the classrooms and loitering around. No teacher bother to bring them back. I don't like the toilet. I have no idea how they are going to have potty training for the young toddler as the toilet is designed for adult (have to walk up 2 steps and the toilet bowl is the squatting type). The kid can drop inside the hole easily. Unless they have those plastic portable potty for the children.

Playground: There are children playground without shade.

WOW Feeling: So far this place is the nearest from my house and their fee is the cheapest among all. I'm worry about the hygiene there though.

5) Tadika Ria Montessori

Area: Piasau Garden

Tel: 085-655 867 (O)

Monthly Fee: RM288 (half day)

Time: 8am to 12 noon (half day)
(Monday to Friday)

Meal included: breakfast at 930am (crackers and biscuit will be provided)

Programmes: Motor skills, social skill, potty training, flash card and songs. 
Activities included: games, PE, music and celebrations of all Cultural events
Individual reading scheme is as follows:
English reading = 3 times a week
BM reading = 2 times a week (a strong emphasis is given to suku kata before reading books)
Mandarin = 2 times a week (Only for Level 2 and 3 students)

First payment: RM646 + miscellaneous fee depend on level
(The first payment includes Registration fee, December school fee, 1st month school fee and insurance per yr)

Age: Children from 3 to 6 years old

Ratio of the class: 15 students: 2 teachers 

Language: So far I only see non-Chinese teachers around. The principal is a Canadian so I believe the common language will be English in this school.

Environment: Fully air-conditioned. The younger groups will be learning in the same area but different corner without any divided rooms. The elder children will study at the first floor instead.

Playground: There are children playground without shade. The playground equipment are mostly old, colors are faded due to being exposed under the sun for years.

WOW feeling: They were having Halloween party when I visited the school. The children were having fun. Some of them even wore Halloween costumes and playing games designed by the teachers. The whole school were nicely decorated with creative Halloween art. Even the principal was wearing a witch hat, very cute! Too bad they only accept children above 3 years old else I might consider this school for my princess though. I believe the children will enjoy a lot in such environment!

6) Tadika Bandar Peranginan

Area: Jalan Bakam, Luak Bay

Tel: 085-410912 (O), 019-8554277 (Mobile)

Monthly Fee: RM320 (half day), RM480 (full day)

Time: 7.30am to 11.30am (half day), 7.30am to 5pm (full day)

Meal included: breakfast (half day)/ breakfast, lunch and tea-break (full day)

Programmes: 3 languages for nursery level and basic maths (Counting 1 to 10). All textbooks/workbooks are from Pelangi Publisher.

First payment: RM1000 (half day), RM1320 (full day)
(The first payment includes Registration fee, 1st month school fee, advanced Dec school feel, books, misc fees, school uniform x2 and insurance for 1 yr)

Age: Children from 3 to 6 years old (although the newspapers kept advertising differently, some published as 2 years old, some published as 3 years old. I have doubled confirmed with the person-in-charge. They accept children by 3 years old according to the year of birth. Which means, although my princess is only 2 years old by end of this December, she is considered 3 years old next year in January due to her year of birth.)

Ratio of the class: 25 students: 2 teachers 

Language: They only hired Chinese who can converse in Mandarin & English. They might hire one Malay teacher to teach BM if needed. The person-in-charge said, they will use English in the classroom. 

Environment: This new kindergarten is newly built by Foochow association. The area is setup with CCTV surveillance. There is air-conditioner in each classroom but the teacher said the classroom is always cooling and windy so they will not switch it on unless the weather is too hot. There is a basic in the classroom for the students to wash their hands before and after food (they will eat in the classroom). The toilets are specially designed for adult and toddlers. Next year 2012 will be their first year in taking in students. So basically their facility are all brand new. 

Playground: There are children playground without shade.


I had gone to Rainbow Montessori. The principal was not around (the teachers told me the principal is hardly around unless I make appointment with her to meet up.The teachers are the persons who run the school everyday) And through telephone conversation, I found out the fee is the highest among all the kindergartens I have visited. It's RM350 per month. (With the first payment of RM1360, including registration fee, deposit, misc fee, insurance, school uniform x 2 pcs, 1st month school fee.)

Just for the registration fee, this school is asking for RM150. The highest registration fee among all. It's ridiculous. This registration fee includes nothing, just for registration. If this is a franchisee, then it's understandable but the problem is, it is not. And they also required RM500 deposit. Unless your child finished one year schooling with them, else this deposit is non-refundable. I don't feel like meeting the principal at all. As the way she talks wasn't friendly. When I asked how does the teacher teaches in the class, she told me to go online and search how does a Montessori school teaches and that's how they teach. Oh well! Seems like she is doing well, doesn't really need new signup for the school in future. Best of luck!

I had told my hubby about the experiences I had in the schools. We both have the same concern and in the end, we decided to choose Q-Dees because we know our girl is hunger for more knowledge. It's important to let her learn as much as possible in her young age.

Q-Dees has a knowledgeable principal. The place is clean, spacious and well-organized. Each level has separate classroom and their teaching material are properly prepared. They have menu for the food they prepare for the kids and timetable for the lessons they are going to teach. Although it's quite far from my house and the fee is not that cheap, we still think that this is the one for our princess. I will bring my princess for a trial lesson soon before we make the final decision (make payment).

p/s: Please be noted that the fees written above are what I have been told for the year of 2011 to 2012. The fees might be varies because the management has the right to do any amendment with or without prior notice. It will be better for you to call up or visit the school personally for confirmation. 

This is not an advertorial. Please do not get offended on my truthful comments or feelings about the mentioned schools. I believe everyone requires different standard for their children. Q-Dees and 3Q are franchises, so all franchisee might have different quality due to different management. What I have mentioned here are only for the particular branch that I have visited in Miri, doesn't mean that all the branches have the same quality/problems etc. ^^

Hope my sharing helps! Cheers!


  1. TQ for sharing. I'm in the midst of finding a good and suitable pre-school in Miri for my 2 1/2 years old daughter. This definitely cut short the hunting process!

  2. Dear readers, for the latest update, Tadika Bintang Ria (Q-Dees) has been moved to a new place opposite Boulevard Shopping Mall. The principal has changed and her name is Shirley Padan. The contact number still remain the same.

    The previous Q-Dees's princial (Jamie Wong) has opened up her own kindergarten nearby - Tadika Juara Cemerlang. This newly opened school has very good response. Within 2 months time, she has nearly 60 students with about 9 teachers including herself to run the place.
    The half day school fee is RM220 per month (2.5 - 3 years old students), and RM240 per month (4-6 years old students). If you want to have your kid to be placed there for full day, you will need to add another RM200 per month. First payment upon registration is about RM775 or RM795 (half day) including insurance, uniforms etc.
    Principal Jamie told me that she is using the New Zealand + Malaysia teaching syllabus. She is more into children's creativity and she believes that the children need to enjoy learning in the school.
    I like the concept but I feel rather disappointed on their 2.5-3 years old class. They have about 25 students with 4 teachers teaching in the living room + dining area. What I can see is the students walking up and down, crying here and there = doing nothing. Some kids are playing the rice by scooping out from the cup and throwing it everywhere, whereas there's one teacher busy sweeping the floor. Jamie explained that the students learn about motor skills and how to clean up the mess they make. Hmm....
    For the classes age 4-6, they have better learning environment in the rooms upstairs. Some were doing art & craft, and the other 2 classes are practicing for their coming concert.
    I have no idea how much can the younger group learn here but for the bigger age group, they seem to enjoy learning there.
    By the way, they have 4 computers in the computer class for the 4-6 years old students. The kids have 1 hour per week to play with the computer. That's why the 4-6 years old students have to pay extra RM20 per month for the computer class. Sounds interesting huh!

    1. Hi, is it possible for me to contact you to get tips on parenting including tips for pre-school selection? let me know thanks!

    2. Tadika Juara Cermelang has developed into a much organised environment for 2-3 year old children. The number of experienced teachers has increased. Can see that they have defined lesson plans even for the toddlers such as story telling sessions, art and craft, outdoor exploration to plants and little insects, simple writing and alphabets reading etc.

      During my visit, there was a lot of laughters from the children. Can see that they are happy and feel safe there. A very positive learning environment (this is a big assurance for working mothers). Also got a good view of how the patient teacher calmed down a crying newcomer. Thumb up for the cares and loves the Principal and teachers show.

      I heard good reputation from teachers in Primary Schools - stating the good academic performance from Tadika Juara Cermelang children.

      Definitely the school has developed over time since it first started :)

    3. Few months ago, when I went to visit the Tadika Juara Cermelang for the younger group, I saw some of the children were crying without teacher calmed them down and just let them cry on the floor or else lying on the floor.

      The most terrible thing was I saw one of the children who taking the color pencil and put into his own ears and nose, its looked scary and the teachers there were not realise on it specially during their bathing time.

      The whole class for the younger group was looked messy and noisy. I just wonder how the teacher there can fully take care of the children there especially for the younger group.

  3. If you're talking about Rainbow Hill Montessori, then the fees are one of, if not the highest in Miri. Well, it's good to note that it's placed in a "high end" community area and the students there come from the high society. Some students there are grandchildren of Tan Sris, Datuks etc. You might rub shoulders with some of the rich and reclusive if you happen to go there.

    1. Agreed with wat u said. The fee in Year 2015 will be increased to RM420 (Half Day) or RM720 (Full Day). It has the pattern of increasing fees like RM350 to RM380 to RM420.. every year!!
      Perhaps they only value those kids coming from 'High End' community so not really much bother or cater for normal people kids..
      However, I personally do not think their syllabus is really perfect as comparing with other kindies, it is not really preparing the kids for primary.

    2. Parents, if you are talking about syllabus ain't perfect. you might need to study more on Montessori Approach. Montessori Approach provide the children through equipment, experiences and hands-on activity. working with equipment Independently, able to read fluently (Phonetic,Phonogram etc.)
      They even provide a proper music class (trained by music teacher & Principal) for young children.

      Parents, please read and understand these approach precisely before you judge.

  4. Hi, is your daughter still with Q-dees? May i know how does she do there? I mean is she happy with the school, environment, learning process, etc..?

  5. Hi, i'm interested about the topic hunting pre-school in miri for your kiddo....may i know about the progress so far? Is she still with Q-dees till this day? Me & husband are planning to school our daughter too, she's 3 yo now and she is ready now. I'm quite excited but worried on the other side....please help.....thanks ya.

  6. Hi. My daughter has joined Q-dees but left and changed to Fungates after a few months. I would highly recommend Fungates which is located at Ocean Park. If you don't mind the distance, I think that's the best kindergarten in Miri at the moment.
    The teachers are well-trained, loving and patience. And the activities they have for children are very interesting. They do train the children to be more out-spoken and love books.
    I like the ASP (after-school-program). The students will be exposed to fun games, role play, activities etc which are not so academic. :)

  7. Hi peekapeeabook, thanks so much for your feedback. Oh, not at all....if refer to Fungates, that should be near to my place, Tman Luak Indah, Airport :D

    I just call to Qdees and spoke to Shirley just now, she's quite friendly so far :)

    Mind you share more about Fungates, please? This is actually our first time (me, husband & daughter) and we don't how to start...what to ask, what to aspect, what to say to the person in charge.
    Fungates just now sound interesting!!!! Do you have their contact number, please?

    Many thanks again ya :)

  8. Hi,
    Shirley, the principal of Q-Dees is a nice lady. So as their teachers. They are friendly and gentle. I just found that the syllabus they are having doesn't suit my daughter so we decided to pull her out. :)

    You should go and visit Fungates. The principal (Michelle) is a nice person. You just tell her that Felicia (Claryssa's mother introduced you there, then she will know, haha!) I have recommended many of my friends there and their kids love it so far. This is the school where your kid will fall in love with and feel happy to go every morning.

    The things that used are quality and nice. The place is clean and the teaching materials + methods are very interesting. They have indoor and outdoor games. The children learn to share, independent, outspoken and loving there.

    This school uses smart boards to teach. They have library for children to borrow books on every Friday.

    This school has a science lab where kids can do science experiments there. It has a nice kitchen where the kids can make cookies, mashed potato etc too.

    My girl loves the singing session as the teacher plays the guitar very well. The teachers teach nice songs. Many cute songs from youtube where other kindergartens don't teach. ^^

    The children have the chance to learn more from their textbooks such as solar system, colors of the rainbow, role play as doctor, nurse, fire fighter, bus conductor, driver etc.

    They have different themes monthly. The food they provided are nice and nutritious. The places for the kids to take nap is clean too. (sorry, I'm very particular about the hygiene and cleanliness especially the toilet, place for food and nap.)

    My daughter was a picker eater and refused to take solid food. The teachers assisted her and she is ok with solid food now.

    The teachers are supportive. Each classes are still in small group (though it is growing fast now)and the teachers can pay more attention on every child.

    My daughter misses the school as we have uprooted from Miri recently. I will recommend you to pay a visit after you make an appointment with the principal.

    By the way, I have found you their blog:

    You can find their contact from the blog. Hope it helps! Cheers!

  9. Hi, Fungates as refer Tadika In kidz Tunas Canggih, isn't it? How much is the fee? Half day / Full day, Registration Fees, First payment upon registration ect.? I'm keen to know more..... :D

  10. Yes. It is Tadika In kidz Tunas Canggih. Please call them up or visit the school to find out the latest information.

  11. Thanks you so much for sharing,Felicia and nice to meet you here :)

    Wow....Tadika In kidz really sound awesome!! cannot wait to pay a visit with my princess & husband. Hygiene & cleanliness is priority too especially when we are not around with them. A school with super education system but poor in environment cleanliness is a big NO NO NO to me. Cannot imagine how uncomfortable they are in this situation. Not being fussy but it's our responsibility.
    Appreciate deeply all the info by Claryssa's mommy :D In Kidz Tadika definitely in my shortlisted.

  12. hi peekapeekabook. wow, thanks for sharing. we r about to move to miri soon, so i really need help finding d rite school for my son.. currently my 4yrs old son joins chinese kindergarten in sibu, but i duno y, my son shows more interest in learning&speaking english even at home. so im thinkin to find him a good english medium preschool in miri, so which one do u recommend for me.. thanks.

  13. Hi Christina, thank you for reading my blog. I would like to recommend Fungates at Ocean Park. A school which my daughter and I miss so much after we have left Miri. So far we couldn't find any school better than that in Kuching. :)

  14. Thnks for your sharing! These informations helps me alot. May I know where is Fungates? Nearby which area? Cause im.not really familiar with that place. And do younhave the contact number?

  15. Hi. Check their website at

  16. Many thanks for sharing all of your information!
    I am looking for a babysitter/nursery for my 3 month old, as far as I can tell none of those you list cater for such young children.
    Any ideas?

  17. Hi every one ,i would need your guys help to get Fungates at Ocean Park contact number. I would like to know which is the best pre school in Miri,Sarawak.....My son now is 1 year old... at which age is better for him to go pre-school.. Angelina

  18. Any idea/ comment about Tadika Bandar Peranginan near Luak Esplanade?

  19. try Tadika Suri@ at Jalan Dato Permaisuri 2, RPR, PermyJaya

  20. hi, thanks a lot for sharing. we r about to move to miri soon, so i really need help finding the right pre-school for my kids (4&6 years old). may i know is there any suggestion for good chinese/english kindergarten around Kuala Baram,miri? Thanks

  21. Any idea about Mrc kids?


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