Tuesday, June 4, 2013

doTERRA Family Physician Kit

For my family members and friends who know me well enough will know I have problem in swallowing medicine either in liquid or pills form. I rather have injection or suffer till I reach my limit. It's rather silly but I am phobia towards medication though I started swallowing many types of pills since young due to weak and lousy health condition.
During my last year June visit to Singapore, my eldest sister has recommended me this essential oil. I was skeptical and unwilling to try. She just applied on the back of my ears and my runny nose just recovered.  I can't believe and was so impressed with the effective essential oil!
I was suffering with flu for a week plus. My daughter and I just took turn to fall sick. After trying the essential oil, I started to surf online and did more research on this product.  After reading many testimonials and useful research information, I decided to buy the Family Physician Kit which I am glad I did.
There are many great testimonials and youtube video clips about this 100% pure therapeutic essential oil. I decided to make my purchase after I watched the red blood cell experiment done by Dr. Hills. You can view the video here.

It has been a year since I have bought this Family Physician Kit. I feel so thankful to my sister who has introduced this great alternative treatment for me and my family. I have stopped taking paracetamol during fever, cough syrup during cough, painkiller when i have gastric problem, ventolin when my asthma attack etc. Yes. The essential oils have replaced my medicine cabinet and they work well and faster too. This is a super great news for me as I hate taking medicine, always having problem in swallowing those bitter pills which always get stuck on my throat.
So, if you have the same problem like me, or have some doubts in letting your young children taking too much medicine, especially anti-biotics, kindly find out more about this natural health product.
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