Thursday, May 10, 2012

Basmati Rice

Recently I'm addicted to Basmati Rice. Have you heard or tried any Basmati Rice before?

Basmati rice is a variety of long grain rice grown in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, notable for its fragrance and delicate, nuanced flavour. Its name means "the fragrant one" in Sanskrit, but it can also mean "the soft rice".India is the largest cultivator, consumer and exporter of this rice; it is primarily grown through paddy field farming in the Punjab region.
The grains of basmati rice are longer than most other types of rice. Cooked grains of Basmati rice are characteristically free flowing rather than sticky, as with most long-grain rice. Cooked basmati rice can be uniquely identified by its fragrance. In addition to normal (white) Basmati rice, brown basmati is available, although uncommon. (copied from Wikipedia)
Well, whenever I dine in the Northern Indian restaurant, I will definitely go for their Basmati rice. Then lately my hubby and I decided to buy 5kg of Basmati rice and eat it for 2 meals a day. 
I love to eat rice, and this Basmati rice makes me crave even more. I feel happy to eat it everyday and I realized that the portion of rice I'm eating is getting more and more. 
Too bad my "happiness" didn't last long. Today one of my friend's sister saw me and asked whether I'm expecting. (swallowing my tears) Of course not! @#$%^&* Blame the Basmati rice! 

Basmati rice, listen up, I will eat you later for revenge! 

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