Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My new toy ~ Mint Cleaner

My best friend in USA recommended me this robot cleaner - Mint Plus. This little robot works well in both dry sweep dust, dirt, hair and wet mop to get out deeper dirt and grime from hard surface floors.  It's easy to operate and I love to run it in my kitchen when I go to sleep at night.

Too bad this Mint only goes back to the original place where it get started but no auto-charging function. Anyway, it works quietly and effectively. I love it! Thanks, ST! And I would like to thank my sis who helped me to get this robot too. Hui, thanks again!

More introduction about this cute cleaner:
This smart Mint has NorthStar® Navigation System, Mint tracks where it cleans so it doesn't miss a spot. Simply attach a cleaning cloth, set Mint down and press either the Sweep or Mop button. After cleaning, just throw out disposable cloths or rewash and reuse the included microfiber cloths designed just for Mint.

Mint’s compact size gets under furniture, into tight spaces and other hard to reach places. PerfectEdge™ technology allows Mint to clean right along walls and edges, and around chair legs and other obstacles for a complete clean.

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