Thursday, May 3, 2012

Opening a mini retail shop?

It's never cheap to raise a kid. Check out what we bought for our princess when there's a promotion at the Servay Supermarket in Miri. Looks like we are opening a mini retail shop huh!

Dozens of Nestle Cerelac. 
We are offered RM1.50 cheaper per tin for buying in dozens.

4 packets of Mamy Poko. We found out the price in KL is higher compare to Miri when there's promotion. We can get it for about RM35 per packet instead of RM38 or RM45 as usual.

15 tins of Enfagrow A+ milk powder. 
Looks like we have bought a lot of them? Well, my princess needs 1 packet of diaper and 1 tin of milk powder (1.7kg) per week. So for the current stock we have, the diaper can last for 1 month and the milk powder can last for 15 weeks. As her parents, we really have to work harder to feed her well.

You must be wondering why do we need to stock up so much for the milk powder? Well, the price of the milk powder fluctuate all the time. The highest price can go up to RM112. And the lowest price is RM93. On and off we were force to buy around RM102 or RM98 when there's a bit of promotion here and there. But when the price stated RM93, it's time to stock up, baby!

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