Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Palliative Care Association, Miri, Sarawak

The Palliative Care Association Miri (PCA) has moved to a new location near the Miri General Hospital! The opening ceremony which has been held this morning (1st May 2012) is a success. 

The PCA is a non-profit charitable organization of caring nursing staff and friendly volunteers who work tirelessly toward making your loved one, or community member comfortable in his or her time of need, at no cost, in the Miri metropolitan area. 

The mission of the PCA is to improve quality of life for your loved one, neighbor, or community member facing a life-threatening illness outside the hospital setting. 

"The Founder, Dr. Mieke van de Leemput was an expatriate from Holland who came to Miri with her husband while he was on attachment to Sarawak Shell Berhad. Being a medical doctor who had worked with terminally ill patients back at home, she had a heart to introduce this programme to the people of Sarawak. 

With support from Miri Hospital and the local community, it was decided to set up Palliative Care services in Miri. Under her strong leadership, she managed to round up a handful of volunteers and get the centre started within a short time. It's not just about talking but seriously getting the ground work done. 

Dr Mieke returned to Holland in July of this year to follow her husband's job, but she left behind an established group of hard working volunteers and an well organized Home Visiting Program." 
(copied from jenniesyk-spices) 

If you wish to help, there are 3 ways of donation for PCA:
  1. Donate Money
  2. Donate Time
  3. Donate Equipment
Donate Money
You can do direct deposit to HSBC account number 3281 5308 5101. You can also mail your personal/company check to the address at:
Lot 1461, Jalan Cahaya, Siang Siang Garden, Taman Lopeng Jaya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Mobile no: 012-845 6480

It will be great if you can organize fund raising project with PCA as a beneficiary (prior approval on the use of PCA name is required).

Donate Time
PCA is in need of more manpower to help look into various services and cater to the needs of the terminally ill patients.Currently they need:
  • accountant
  • fundraiser
  • secretary
  • editor
  • counselor
  • event coordinator
  • good listener
  • interpreter
  • knitter/crocheter
  • manicurist
  • medical professional
  • office administrator
  • hair stylist
  • technology guru
  • writer
Anyone could be a volunteer, not necessarily on those with medical background. If you are determined and willing to commit your time, you are welcome to join the team. 

Volunteers will undergo a new volunteers training programme to introduce them to the organization and the nature of its work. They can decide to join by helping the patients, administrative work or fundraising after the short course. 

Donate Equipment
PCA is willing to receive your donation of the below listed items:
  • excess inventory
  • extra company samples
  • standing fans/mounted fans
  • water filter for Care Centre
  • water cooler with hot water
  • disabled-accessible restroom
  • ripple mattresses
  • medical equipment
  • computer equipment
Life is short. Time to do something meaningful today!

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