Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an American children's television series, that premiered in prime time on Disney Channel.
Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto star in the series, which focuses on interacting with the viewer to stimulate problem solving. Pete, Clarabelle Cow,Ludwig Von Drake, Chip 'n' Dale, Willie the Giant, Butch, Figaro the Kitten, Humphrey the Bear,Salty the Seal, and Mortimer Mouse have made guest appearances.
Disney says that each episode has the characters help children "solve a specific age-appropriate problem utilizing basic skills, such as identifying shapes and counting through ten." The series uses "Disney Junior's 'whole child' curriculum of cognitivesocial and creative learning opportunities."
Once the problem of the episode has been explained, Mickey invites viewers to join him at the Mousekadoer, a giant Mickey-head-shaped computer whose main function is to distribute the day's Mousekatools, a collection (usaully 3,4, or possibly 5) of objects needed to solve the day's problem, to Mickey. Once the tools have been shown to Mickey on the Mousekadoer screen, they are quickly downloaded to Toodles, a small, Mickey-head-shaped flying extension of the Mousekadoer. 

By calling, "Oh Toodles!" Mickey summons him to pop up from where he is hiding and fly up to the screen so that the viewer can pick which tool Mickey needs for the current situation.One of the tools is a "Mystery Mouskatool", which is a surprise tool represented by a question mark. (copied and edited from Wikipedia) 

My princess loves the songs in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Other than Elmo, Mickey is her next favorite idol. She will jump and dance together when they sing "The Hot Dog Song" before the show ended. She will count together with the Disney characters and laugh out loud while watching this program. I bought her Mickey Mouse board books for her to read and she loves it very much. She can kept reading them again and again as the books are small to hold and only came with 1-2 sentences on a page. 

We bought her Mickey Mouse Toddler Harness from USA too. She loves to wear it when we bring her to crowded shopping mall. When she is sitting on her car seat or staying in the hotel (when no other soft toy to hold), she will hug this Mickey and cuddle with it for a very long time. 

Watching the advertisement from the display TV in the supermarket 
with the Mickey toddler harness on her back. 

Enjoying her nice, warm milk while hugging her Mickey and watching cartoon at The Garden hotel room.

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