Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FREE Baby Souvenir-MAS Airline

Do you want to get a FREE baby souvenir from MAS (Malaysia Airline) but too shy to ask for one?

Well, it's not that difficult. Just let their air stewardess injured you!

No. I'm not JOKING!

Here goes the story:

That day, when my hubby, baby and I were on our way back from KL to Miri. One NEW air stewardess accidentally banged my arm with the food cart ( I was sitting at the aisle seat). Honestly speaking, it was really painful as she were pushing very fast. She didn't know that she had injured my arm at all.

My tears were rolling in my eyes due to the pain and I could slowly felt my whole arm was getting numb. My hubby said, she had injured the nerve of my arm, that's why I was experienced all these. He said, he got hit by the food cart before in his previous trip with MAS too and he was unhappy that this happened again!

My hubby complained nicely (only told the other air steward) about what had happened, told them to be more careful next time. (Respect how my hubby due in this matter. He was so soft-spoken but passed the message clearly that this was a bad and careless mistake which they should learn how to avoid.). The air steward looked pretty shocked, kept apologizing to us, told us that the 'girl' was new and already did lots of mistakes here and there. "She was supposed to check on the passengers and give warning before pushing the food cart" he added.

After he make sure I was 'ok' (I didn't tell him my arm was in pain for at least 20 minutes even when he was asking me, as I believe he couldn't do much also), he told the new 'girl' to apologize to me. To make us feel better, she gave us a baby souvenir toy and 2 packets of candy.

This is the baby rattle toy we got from MAS.

This new air stewardess looked pretty nervous during her whole serving session. Very silly too! 

Why did I say that? 

Incident 1: The food cart accident. Ok. Make it as a careless mistake. (This accident happened before the food was served).

Incident 2: This new 'girl' had a list of the passengers who ordered special meal in the flight. Before departure, she went to the passengers to re-confirmed their meals with them, that included my hubby who is a vegetarian. While serving, she totally forgot about this matter and still asked whether he wants fish or beef? Fainted.

Incident 3: Again, this new 'girl' came to me. She said, the crew will serve me first as I was carrying a baby. After asking what I wanted (recorded in her list), I received nothing. Only got my food during the same food distributing session with others and guess what, she asked me the same question again (fish or beef?) when she pushed the cart next to me. Wonder why she bothered to ask if they make no difference? I think she just didn't know what she was doing, very blur and couldn't remember/recognize the passengers. 

Incident 4: Well, the lady who was sitting next to my hubby (window seat) was sleeping nicely for quite some time. This new 'girl' woke her up by calling and patting on her. (she was in DEEP SLEEP, that was why the 'girl' took some time to wake her up.) 

Then this 'girl' asked whether the lady wanted a blanket (still have about half an hour before landing). This lady said no, she was fine but this 'girl' insisted and passed her the blanket. After saying 'NO' for twice, the lady just 'accepted the kindness' from the 'girl' and put the blanket on her lap (didn't even use it), then trying to zzz again. 

I wonder whether this new 'girl' had gone through any training or not? How could she wake a sleeping person? If she really worried that the lady might feel cold or uncomfortable, she could just cover her with the blanket gently. Furthermore the lady said NO, why did she still insist to give her the blanket? To show that she did some good job? 

Pity the lady, because after the 'kindness', she failed to sleep off till the plane landed.
Never get any souvenir from Air Asia, anyone of you want to try your 'luck' and post me a comment?

Anyway, my easygoing princess likes this 'hard-earned' elephant rattle toy.

 Just let her wears it,

 she will wave/flap her hand like a happy bird and giggling/playing on her own. 

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