Monday, March 22, 2010

Bintang Plaza, Miri

There are a few shopping malls in Miri. The most crowded and popular one should be Bintang Plaza/Bintang MegaMall, which started business in year 1996. It is currently the only complex with both Cineplex and bowling alley in Miri. Besides that, you can find McDonalds, Coffee Bean, Starbucks Coffee, Delifrance, King's Archery Sports Centre, Skin Food, Pizza Hut, Popular Bookstore, Aussino, Parkson Grand etc there too. Well, you must be wondering, why is it so 'special' to have those shops/outlet? Emm... because those outlets I mentioned are ONLY available there in Miri (except Starbucks Coffee, can get that in Miri airport though).

Do you want to eat Pizza from Pizza Hut? You have to order there. Want to enjoy McD's ice-cream? You have to go there. Want to watch movies in cinema? That's the only place you can go.

Bintang Plaza was currently renovating and running business at the same time. There are extensions here and there so can consider quite 'big'. Previously, they provide free parking space at the roof top car park but now they started charging RM2 per entry, same as the basement car park.

The notice says, Temporary Parking Rate, RM2 per entry. I wonder what will the new charges be? Same as KL?

The plaza actually had installed new car parking ticket dispensers. However, this was the friendly lady who gave us the ticket and collected money from us at the entrance yesterday. The dispensers are currently 'resting' for the time being.

The car park.

We dislike the car park due to the terrible + hopeless ventilation system. Imagine the air-conditioners processors outlets are all there at the basement car park. The hot air all came out from there and there are no other outlets for it. Asthma patients can get 'murdered' easily there.

From their website, this is how the new Bintang MegaMall, the Luxton Hotel & Multi Storey Car Park looks like.

Oh. Bintang Plaza has installed the first and only musical fountain in Miri. Applause~ 

Cars which pass by the plaza can see it every night (just in front of the building).

For those who never visit this plaza in Miri before, you should give it a try. A nice place to walk around though.


  1. I feel like I have been to Miri already after your introduction of the one and only Bintang Plaza/Bintang MegaMall! No wonder you will miss Kuching!!

  2. Ya. For a person who never appreciate Kuching much, I am full of regret now. Imagine I can shopped so much when I was back.

  3. where can i get organizational structure of bintang megamall miri??

  4. Hi, you can try to call up or email to the management. The info as follow:

    Bintang Plaza Management Contact

    Telephone : 6 085 - 438877
    Fax : 6 085 - 425852




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