Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teaching my princess

My princess likes to pull her blanket or handkerchief to her mouth for chewing. Sometimes, her short hands are unable to push away the blanket/handkerchief that has accidentally covered her face.

So I decided to teach her some skills, started with how to use her hands to push away the handkerchief from her face. Firstly, I covered her face using a piece of handkerchief. Then I held her hand near her face and pushed the handkerchief away. Taught and practiced with her twice.

"It's time for you to do it by yourself, my dear," I told her before I covered up her face with the handkerchief again. Hoping that she will use the NEW SKILL I just taught her.

To my surprised, she just turned her head to left and right slowly, then the handkerchief dropped down beside her, showing her smiley face, looking at me happily. Speechless~

  Step 1: Covered the face 

 Step 2: Handkerchief was sliding down after she turned to left & right.

Step 3: Hello mummy! Any more new tricks?

Ok. Seems like she has a BETTER skill than me. A skill which has never cross my mind. T_T

"But that doesn't work for blanket ya!" She giggled while chewing her mitten again. Emm..... wonder what does her giggle means.

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