Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Bought apple itouch several years ago in Singapore. It looks like iphone but couldn't take photo nor can make phoone calls. Bought it for gaming puurposes.

It works wonderfully in Singapore as the wi-fi service is fast everywhere. Once I got back to Malaysia, it is no longer that fun due to slow internet connection. For example, in Singapore I can watch youtube without waiting for the movie to load, whereas in Malaysia, it might take half an hour to wait for one quarter of the movie to load (and most of the time, the whole thing just stop loading due to time out).

My Sony Ericssion W850 mobile phone is finally 'sick' after using for years. It was a present from my hubby. I love this mobile phone. Anyway, seems like it is time to get a new one now. 

So what is good in the market? The most popular one will be iphone.The applications are tempting.

My hubby and I were interested in getting iphone 3 years ago. However, iphone wasn't available in Malaysia yet when we were drooling in Singapore, seeing the iphone launching there. When Maxis started the iphone plan, the price was like sky high. Finally Digi has brought down the price and it is affordable now.

Thanks to Digi.

This is my new handphone for this year - iphone 3Gs, 32GB. Happily got it today! Yipee! Now I'm looking for iphone accessories.

p/s: There are rumours saying that iphone 4G will be launching in June or July this year. Anyway, Malaysia will need several years to get updated mobile phones. Even if it is available this year, will have to wait for 1-2 years for the price to drop. So I believe I will be happily stuck with this iphone 3Gs for quite some time.

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