Thursday, May 27, 2010

MAS baby

On our flight back from Kuching to Miri, our princess was fully awake. She was curious in everything & everyone she sees. Before the flight take off, the air-steward demonstrated in how to use the safety tools in the plane. Most of the passengers just ignored him as usual, only our princess who was sitting at the front row gave him 100% support by concentrating throughout the whole session.

My hubby & I were laughing away because she was really serious in 'learning'. Wanted to take her photo but too bad we didn't bring our camera along and our mobile phones were off.

Goodies bag with peanuts, biscuits, pens, souvenirs & a baby toy.

MAS toy

After the flight took off, to show his appreciation on her full support, the air-steward gave us a big goodies bag and a MAS toy.

Thank you to the MAS airline's crew. We forgot to get his name.

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