Monday, May 17, 2010

Sushi King, Miri

Found one hair in the beef rice set at Sushi King, Miri last night. Nearly finished my meal and that was really disgusting. Was wondering what to do, either keep quiet or complain? In the end, my hubby and I decided to voice out. We managed to meet up their manager on call (she was pretty busy in the kitchen. She took more than 15 minutes to show her face.)

After we told her about the hair, she apologized and waived all the sushi plates we took (costs about RM21). So the total amount for the bill got discounted.

This reminded me about the experience we had at another Sushi King branch at The Spring in Kuching 2 years ago. That time we found a died fly in the rice.

In the end, the manager just gave us 3 small ice-cream cups (worth RM3?) for 4 of us.(Maybe one of us was invisible to him.) He assumed that we will keep our mouth shut after the ice-cream treat. He is right. Although we were pretty unhappy, we didn't do anything neither. Ice-cream makes us lazier?

"Sushi King has the worse sushi among all the Japanese restaurants. If you know how to appreciate Japanese cuisine, especially sashimi and sushi, you will never step in Sushi King at all." said my brother-in-law who studied in Japan and worked for Japanese company for many years. (He is fluent in Japanese and is having partnership with his Japanese friends. No doubt his clients are mostly Japanese and he knows where to eat yummy Japanese cuisine in KL. He brought us to luxurious restaurant for a few times. EMm....the sashimi can really melt in the mouth. Drooling....ok. Back to our Sushi King thing again.)

Ordered the beef rice set (Gyuu Don). 
Came out to be different type of cooking method + no raddish like in the menu. 
The Crepe Kani Salad (left side on the bottom of the menu) is even worse. 
The wrapping is totally different. 
The other one is Vege curry set, again the vegetable are different from the menu. 
Sigh sigh sigh.

Have to admit that we are pretty disappointed at Sushi King's quality control. If you see their new menu, please remember not to get too excited and order too many dishes before you are sure that they can really prepare the food nicely! Again, the best sentence to describe is "These photos are only for illustration."  Yeap. The dishes we ordered looked totally different from the menu. Even our maid was laughing away, saying the photos are scam (brought her along for dinner with us). Sigh.

1-31May 2010 is the Curry Month. 
Nice pictures huh! Forget about the Vegetable Curry. It doesn't look like that at all. 

The waiter who served us last night was not well train too. He is not familiar with the menu, kept 'arguing' with me that the sushi with cucumber has egg inside. (We wanted to order vegetarian sushi for my hubby). Gosh. Ate that dish for so many times, and yet this fellow kept confusing that with tamago sushi (egg sushi). @.@

That is my first Sushi King experience in Miri. First & last for sure.

What is customer's right? I bet if we want to make a big hooha, we will definitely win at the consumer's court for many bad experiences we had here and there by paying RM5 for the registration form. (Consumer's court is just situated next to my office in Kuching). However, I bet most of us are lazy people. We don't really hold on our consumers' right and just let it be. That's why Sushi King has not been improving for all these years. Blame who? Myself? Haha.

If you were me, what will you do?


  1. It's truly vomiting to see 'surprise' in the food served.
    U need to voice out for sure. My principle is that I will not return to such restaurant or will even have phobia to eat similar food again!

  2. Yes. Wanna eat Japanese food, go to Brunei! Hahaha!


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