Monday, May 3, 2010


Yesterday evening, when I was reading newspapers, my hubby told me that our princess was also trying to read the newspapers I was holding from far. Just to tease her, my hubby and I put the newspapers in front of her. Then she just concentrated in 'reading' it for a very long time. Looked up and down, studied the whole page seriously.

When she felt bored looking at the same page, we turned the pages and let her continued to 'read'. We tried by taking the newspapers away or shifted to left and right. She just followed where the newspaper was and kept 'reading' it non-stop. We found it pretty cute though.

 1. Reading seriously

2. Looking at us with her mouth playing 
with bubble when we kept laughing at her.

3. Ignored us and continued with 
her 'reading'.


  1. So cute! She can sit already huh?

  2. Not fully yet. Still needs supports though she loves to sit up and stand up when she is awake. ^.^


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