Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daily life

What do I do when I'm online?
Reply emails, blogging, run business, keep in touch with my friends, pay bills, play games, check account status, pay income tax, even shopping etc.

Without stepping out from the house, I can get people to send things to my doorstep. Without making calls, I can chat with my friends. Without going to develop the photos, I can share my photo albums to the people I want. Without renting a DVD, I can watch movies online. This is my daily IT life where fat starts accumulating.

That is why I feel so frustrated when the Internet line is slow. Feel so depressed when the Internet line is out. 

Told my cousin, I will be online whenever I'm awake. If you see me offline for:
1) 1 day = might be Internet problem;
2) 5 - 7 days = I might be on vacation and there is no Internet connection;
3) 2 - 4 weeks =  I might be really sick or half dead;
4) More than 6 month = I might be dead.

Are you attached to Internet so badly like me?

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