Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WholeBrain InnerTalk Roadshow in Miri

Had 2 days road show for WholeBrain InnerTalk at Boulevard Shopping Mall, Miri on 1st & 2nd May. We are really glad that Mr.Chan Say Aun from KL headquarters came to support my event. And thanks to my hubby who was willing to take care of the princess and allowed me to work without worrying much. My little princess was pretty supportive too. Brought her along to the mall and she was very obedient, didn't give us any trouble at all.
 Mr.Chan explaining to the customers.

I was explaining to a mother who was interested in finding more about the product.

We were one of the sponsors of the May Festival Colouring Contest. 
The winners earned one piece of our WholeBrain InnerTalk CD worth RM139.90 each.
Congratulations to the winners!

WholeBrain InnerTalk program is fairly new to Mirians. I was the first person who introduced WholeBrain InnerTalk concept to Kuching and again I'm the first to open up the market in Miri. It is not easy to be the pioneer at all. Most people are not aware about subliminal products so we had to spend more time in educating them, such as explaining the differences of the conscious and sub-conscious mind, how this programme works etc.

The sharing session on the 2nd day by Mr.Chan was quite informative. With more appropriate crowd on the 2nd day, the customers appreciated the products more.

This is my first experience in organizing a road show in Miri. (Had some experiences in KL and Kuching before though.) Enjoyed interacting with my clients and had a good time discussing many matters with Mr.Chan. Felt so good to work again! Thank God for the marvelous experiences and a happy-ending result.

p/s: The product is so effective that the customers called me to order more topics the next day after the road show. I'm glad that this subliminal programme is able to help others, just as it had also helped me.


  1. Hi NanamiPS,

    I just came across your blog while looking for the review of the InnerTalk CD. I am planning to get a 'Just for newborn' CD for my 1 year old daughter. May I know what do you think of this product in person? Thanks!

    Phyllis Kok

  2. Hi Phyllis,
    That is a wonderful gift for your child. It is supposed to be very good for newborn to 2 years old children. The babies will learn faster, sleep better, and more obedient too.
    I have a 7-month-old baby and I did buy this for her and play it every night (sometimes might forget but she seems to love it.)
    Hope next time u can share your testimonial with me after u have used it. :)

  3. Hi NanamiPS,

    Thanks for your reply and sharing. Can I let her listen to CD 'I Can: Building a Child's Esteem' instead of 'Just for newborn'? Can both CDs start from young? By the way, my baby girl seems to be impatient and easily get angry sometimes. What CD is good for her? Are there any offer at this moment like 3 free 1? I really hope to get more but the CD is really pricey. Thanks!


  4. Hi Phyllis,
    Let me list down the CD titles which you might consider for long run.

    For IQ:
    1) Using both halves of the brain
    2) Genius Power
    3) Accelerated Learning & Study (consists of Excel in exam, Concentration & Powerful memory affirmations)-this will be good for children/teenagers/adults who needs to study & sit for exams.
    4) Just for newborn

    For EQ/Characters:
    1) I Can: Building a child's esteem
    2) Respect & Good Manners

    For Health:
    1) Powerful Immune System

    For calming:
    1) Serenity

    Just for Newborn and I Can: Building a child's esteem are totally different CDs. One is for learning, the other one is to build up their esteem, positive characters. Maybe you can get Genius Power,which will get the kid learn through their 5 senses through exploring more.

    By the way, where are you from?

    We have buy 5 free 1 promotion for all year round. You can email me to if you have other inquiries. Thanks!~

  5. Hi,

    My child seems to have been slightly unsettled by "Using Both Halves of the Brain". My friend thinks this is because the CD is shocking her subconscious into new ways of thinking, as the two halvesof the brain synchronise.

    Doyou have any idea how long this period of resistance will last?

  6. Hi, it all depends on individual. Some children takes few days, some few weeks. However, through many testimonials, children will have faster improvement compare to adult due to lesser negative thoughts in their subconscious mind.
    'Genius Power' & 'Using both halves of the brain' are very popular and effective in stimulating the brain. Normally children will become more active, curious in their surrounding, more alert and energetic when they are awake as they are learning through their 5 senses everyday etc. Parents are advice to be patient, loving and always ready to answer their children's questions so that the children
    will enjoy in learning, not feeling discourage.
    Don't stop playing the cd. Play at least 2 hours per day. If possible, play the cd throughout the night. Give min 3 months to complete a course. After you changed to new title, remember to playback the previous title 1-2 times per month.
    Hope you can share your testimonial with us soon. Cheers!

  7. Thankyou very much for your reply.

    I wonder if you would answer two more questions:-

    1) You recommend 3 months min. usage for this CD. Do you recommend all Innertalk CD's be played a minimum of three months, or just this one particularly?

    2) Are there any specific signs that 'Using Both Halves of the Brain' is working? Obviously with titles like "Weight Loss Now" it's easy to see whether the CD is working or not, but with 'Using Both Halves of the Brain' are there any changes I should look for in my child?

  8. 1) There are several ways in playing the CDs.

    a) We would suggest 1 CD per player. Place each cd player at different places where your children spend most of their time at, such as living room, dinning room, bedroom and even in the car (keep 1 CD in the car).

    Play the CD which you think is the most 'important' for your children in their bedroom throughout the night.

    This way, your children can listen to few CDs during daytime & night time everyday.

    After 3 months, you can change the CD in the bedroom with the CD in your car, vice versa.

    b) Use CD changer. Let your children listen to 2-3 CDs every night by using the CD player with CD changer.

    c) If there is only 1 CD player, you can just stick to 1 CD for 3 months. It looks like 'slower' but the result will be impressive by focusing 1 CD at a time too!

    2) I encourage parents keep a note on the progress of the children. Please remember that, to keep a daily progress diary is not to stress up yourself and your children on their 'change' but to let yourself to see their changes gradually by looking back on the notes you have.

    If you accompany your children in their daily learning activity, you will see the improvement in their communication skill, motor skills, etc.

    One mother testified that her younger daughter (3-year-old) starts to love reading nowadays after listening to 'Using both halves of the brain' for several weeks (before that she refused to pick up story books or will get frustrated when she sees her mother wants to read to her). Although she can't pronounce clearly yet she recognises more vocabulary everyday.

    The other mother told me that her 7-year-old son gets more active and loves to explore and involve in new surrounding compare to previous negative, quiet characters. He gets excited and happy to learn in the school now.

    Every children will have different improvement. Be patient and you will definitely see the result. ^^

  9. Thanks for such a detailed reply...

    Does this cd work for adults too? In practise I am around most of the time when I play it for my daughter.

  10. My pleasure.

    Yes. It works on adults too. The CDs are for all ages. ^^

  11. Hi Mrs NanamiPS

    Mr Eldon Taylor sent me a gift of two CDs "Soaring Self Esteem" and "Freedom from Depression",

    but I did not feel any effects for 2 1/2 weeks...every day!

    what do you recommend me?

    I believe on his work...

    thank you!

    I will be back to your blog

  12. Hi,
    You must be very special that Dr Eldon Taylor himself sent you a gift of 2 Cds.
    May I know how did you listen to both CDs in this 2 1/2 week?
    You can email me at to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  13. My baby 1yr old i found she is abit impatient and likes to take the things from others kids though everyone has the same stuff. She used to wake up st midnight. She used to cry,whithout reason. I hope she can be calm,and good manner, do as in eq and iq are good. Any suggestion.?

    1. Hi. You can try Respect & Good Manners for her behavior and Serenity for calming her down + good night sleep. There's Chinese New Year promotion now. Buy 3 get 1 free.


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