Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sleep Box

Offering solace to weary travelers, the Russian architects at Arch Group have designed the Sleep Box concept for use in airports, where privacy is seldom found.

This sleep box will be a whole lot bigger than those cramped Japanese capsule hotels that resemble slide-out drawers in a morgue, yet smaller than the mini-rooms at New York's Pod Hotel or the Singapore airport's Ambassador Transit Hotel.

It looks just right, the perfect place to catch up on your sleep between long flights. To maintain a sanitary environment, the beds use a system that changes the sheets automatically by winding from one roller to another, just like a conveyor belt.

Each Sleep Box is decked out with an LCD display, Wi-Fi, a place to stash your luggage, and plenty of sockets for charging up your laptop and cell phone.

-Size: 2 m x 1,40m x 2,30m  to sleep in comfort and security.  
-Designed to be installed at train stations and airports, and central public places or cities where accommodation is fully booked.
-In tropical climate countries the sleeper box can be installed outdoors in main streets.

-The space includes bed, linen, ventilation system, alarm. LCD TV, WiFi , space for your laptop and re-chargeable phone. Under your bed and floor there is a cupboard for your luggage.

-Payment is made at terminals who will give clients an electronic key that can be purchased for 15 minutes or for as many hours as you need.  

Learn that Dubai airport will have sleep box soon. Want to try it? I will definitely love to! Let's go to Dubai~

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