Sunday, May 23, 2010

Assessment Bill

Have you paid your assessment bill (pintu cukai) already? Just learnt that Sarawak & Penisular Malaysia have different due date for the payment.

After we moved to Miri, our properties in Kuching have been either rented out or vacant. I didn't manage to get the assessment bills which were sent there. Called up MBKS & DBKU this morning for help.

MBKS staffs are really efficient! They understand my situation and immediately find out my bill number, total amount to be paid and even volunteered to fax over the printed bill. I really feel grateful for their wonderful help.

As for DBKU, it is pretty disappointing. As usual, my phone call has been passing here and there till the line dropped (didn't really cut off but they hung up). So I called again and they gave me bunch of numbers of other department by saying they can't transfer my call. Finally got a lady who was willing to 'talk longer', again she wanted me to call headquaters because she has no fax machine in the office.

I told her I just need the bill number to allow me for online payment. In the end, she got all my details and said will return my call later. I am not sure how long it is going to take. The working performance and attitudes are totally different from MBKS. Wonder why?

Finally, a lady from DBKU headquaters called. She sounds inexperience but was quite helpful. Although she didn't know how to answer my questions, she was willing to ask her colleague before answering me. Appreciate her help!

Then I found out those not so 'keen' staff are from Satok office. Why do they want to put that office contact number in their website and yet not that friendly/helpful to the customer? Is it common to have people working at government site playing 'Tai chi' everyday?

Anyway, at least I have gotten what I wanted through telephone. Just wish that I needn't do it again.

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