Friday, May 21, 2010

Bird's nest mask

Found bird's nest mask in Watson. Feel curious and bought one packet to try. When my hubby saw it, he teased that we are putting bird's saliva on the face. "Maybe it's better to use our princess's saliva as she has been drooling every day, wiping her own saliva on her face and the face condition is perfectly smooth." @.@

Well, it's true that many Asian's love to take bird's nest which we believe that they are rich in collagen, good for beauty purposes. I'm not the fan of bird's nest though I'm from Sarawak, the place where we can get the best quality bird's nest in fair price. I do pity the birds. Imagine people just take away your house (nest) after you had spent so much time and energy (saliva) to build it. Pity the birds.

Well, unless the birds are willing to sell their own nests for profit. Then we will see rich birds flying in their jet planes here and there. 

Really admire those people who discovered bird's nest. Wonder what other nests have they tried before such discovery?

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