Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not everyone loves holiday

This evening when I was online doing research as usual, my niece (10 year old) said hi to me at the Facebook chat. We had a short chat and I found out that she feels bored at home.

I was very surprised. Normally children will long to have school holiday so that they needn't go to school, face their fierce teachers and study/do their homework everyday. She feels differently. She said, 2 weeks holiday is too long. She prefers to go to school because she has nothing to do at home. At school, she has many friends to play with and keep her company.

As her aunt, I have to 'advice' her how to utilize her holiday. Before I get started, she told me her younger brother 'booked' the television (Astro channel), her friends don't know how to go to her house (they just moved to a new house in May and her friends' mothers got lost while finding the house T.T), her mother has to work (else she will want her mother to bring her out) so she can only go online to play games or chat with her friends. And yet she still feels very bored ( I did that for my whole pregnancy @.@)

I can never recall that I dislike holiday when I was young. I love holiday while I was schooling, working and till now, I still love it though I'm a full time mother. (Hubby needn't work on holidays, so I'm always the happy & excited one. hehe)

I am the one who will feel sad and dislike Monday as my hubby has to start working again. Now I wish he could retire earlier. Haha. 

Will sounds pretty lame to tell my niece to read more books, or do more extra workbooks during her holiday break. I dislike such arrangement when I was young so I believe she will feel the same. Hopefully she can find something to do. Find something that can let her enjoy her holiday without frowning again.

Today is 1st June, 2010. Happy Gawai Festival, everyone!  Yeah. Dancing all around~

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