Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When I was working in Singapore, I used to go for swimming with my colleague three times a week after work. We will eat a simple meal at the hawker centre and jumped in the pool to exercise and swim for hours.

The public swimming pools are great in Singapore. They are clean, staff are friendly, comes with affordable entrance fee and the facilities are great too. We felt so secure that we always left there around 730pm or 8pm after showered.

There was one evening, when we were swimming as usual, I saw a guy swimming towards me. I was shocked and quickly stopped, stood up in the pool to make sure I don't 'collide' with him. To my surprised, there were no other people other than my friend and I in that pool. Suddenly I felt goose bump here and there, quickly went to my friend and told her to leave earlier. She was like, "Why? It is only 7pm. We just arrived not long ago...."

Without explaining much, I just dragged her and said, "It is time to go home now."

That was my last swimming session in Singapore. And my friend who heard about my story stopped going there too.

Was that an illusion or......? I have no idea. Just know what I had seen and I wish that it will never happen again.

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