Wednesday, June 16, 2010

e - Business

I started selling skincare & cosmetic through Facebook account on 1st June 2010.

Before I put up the products in the photo album, I was busy burning midnight oil for nearly one month to setup my online store. That website comes with more description of the products, search engine, auto-calculations, stock listing, discussion page, members' privileges etc. I also divided the products into different categories and brands, detail introduction of all the brands, online chatting system, credit card payment system and also shopping cart system. Everything looks and sound so rosy but I failed to upload online. T.T So depressing. Still wondering what's wrong.....

Anyway, will keep trying and at the meantime, just continue to use Facebook to run my home based business then. Hopefully can upload soon so that my customers can have easier & enjoyable online shopping experiences with me.

Some people asked me, why do I need to work so hard? Why can't I just be a happy housewife and full time mother? Why I want to give myself more stress in life?

Honestly speaking, I have no idea. Maybe it is uneasy to become a full time housewife/mother suddenly as I was a workaholic + busy business woman before pregnancy? Business gene & blood runs in my family? Or maybe I just want my time to pass in a more exciting and meaningful way rather than too ordinary?

I had dumped all my savings in this home based business. Well, this is my way of doing business. Crazily involved. Dump everything so that I will try my best in running it. It is either survive or drown. Haha! Not a game at all!

I'm glad that I have a supportive husband who is willing to take care of the princess at night and also during weekend so that I have more time to do my business. I'm lucky to have family members & relatives who are willing to assist me here and there to make my business run smoothly. I feel so thankful to God that He is always there for me and never let me down. I feel so blessed in many different ways!

Just wish that my customers can be happy with my services as I'm trying my best to serve them well. Sometimes I feel pretty stress due to insufficient stock, feel so bad for my customers who have to wait for my parcels to arrive from Korea and Taiwan. Thankful for their patience and support though.

For me, I do love money like others. However, money is not everything. I enjoy helping people. That is why I am quite frank to my customers and friends that not every product they want to buy are suitable for them. Unless they insist in getting them, normally I rather don't close the deal. I have been trying many products/brands myself so I can give some truthful advice. Of course, I'm not a dermatologist so don't treat me as one! (^.^) Strongly believe that if I'm genuine in helping others, not barely think of earning profit, people can feel it and might appreciate it too.
From this business, I have known many new, nice, friendly, cute friends from all over Malaysia and also other countries. It is a wonderful experience which proved that my decision of being a busy 'housewife' is not wrong.

This business can be stressful, can be fun, all depends on how we look at it. For me, I love it!

Life is back to 'NORMAL' again. No stress no gain~

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