Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Face Masks

Ordered another 6,000 pieces of masks yesterday after my 3,000 pieces of masks arrived last week. Ya. Total ordered nearly hit 10,000 pieces in a month from one supplier, sounds crazy!

I have no idea why I wanted to risk my business by getting such big bulk, it is my nature, I think. Insanity + Insanity + Insanity.

Don't ask me when I can finish selling all the masks I bought. As what I know, I had given away most of my 1st batch order for free to my customers. I feel happy to know my customers like my service and love the freebies I gave them. Maybe making people happy makes me satisfy in the business for all these years. Just hope my low profit margin can cover all the expenses, else I might can't sustain for long.@.@

My friends are curious in the masks I ordered. Here are the pictures of the masks available for sale now. Take a look and start ordering if you are interested. Cheers~

Cellina's Time Up Mask (6 flavors, 5 pcs/box). Made in Taiwan.

My Scheming Crystal Eye Mask (4 flavors, 10 pairs/box). Made in Taiwan.

Dainty Mask (8 flavors). Made in Taiwan.

Kuang Yuan Liang Mask (5 flavors, 10 pcs/box). Made in Taiwan.

My Beauty Diary Masks (19 flavors, 10pcs/box). Made in Taiwan.

FaceQ Mask (4 flavors, 10pcs/box). Made in Taiwan.

Aqualette Mask (6 flavors). Made in Korea.

Sofia Mask (7 flavors, 10pcs/box). Made in Taiwan.

Beauty Friends Masks (15 flavors). Made in Korea.

My Scheming Mask (28 Flavors). Made in Taiwan.

My Scheming - New packaging (28 flavors, 10 pcs/box). Made in Taiwan.

By the way, those masks I ordered from Korea are not counted yet.Too many to upload though.

So if I have to use all the masks by myself, I can use it for at least 27 years (using it every day). My princess will be 27 years old by then. Oh. The masks will get expired after 2-3 years. Emm...have to use it for my whole body then. My hubby will have to use it too. Hahaha. No way! I should be positive! I will be able to sell off all the masks soon!

For your information, I do provide wholesale prices (minimum 100pcs). If you are a genuine buyer, I will love to hear from u then. (^O^)


  1. joint venture? hehe...
    ~ Shirley

  2. Hi NanamiPS,

    Are you an authorized seller direct import from other countries like Taiwan? I am interested. Would you mind to provide your contact email? Hope to hear from you very soon.

    Keith =)

  3. Hi!

    Just realized I frgt to leave my contact. Hope to hear from you very soon.


  4. i interesting to be reselling in indonesia, can you contact me? please email me
    so many cute mask you have, i want to try for myself also for reselling here.
    I look forward to hear from you soon.
    Thank you :)

  5. how can i buy the cellina facial mask from you ?

  6. Dear friends, sorry for not updating on this post. I am sorry to inform you that all the masks are sold off. Thanks for your support! ^^


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