Friday, June 4, 2010

Sweet Love

How do you show your love to your wife or husband?

Other than hugs and kisses, I can feel my love from my husband from the toothbrush he prepares for me every morning.

Ya. You didn't read wrongly. It is toothbrush + toothpaste.

Ever since we got married, he who has to get up earlier to work will squeeze the toothpaste nicely for me on my toothbrush every single morning. Whenever I want to brush my teeth, seeing the ready toothbrush, I just feel being deeply cared and loved.

I learn to do that every night for him as most of the time I brush my teeth earlier than him. The feeling of preparing the toothpaste is just like the feeling of using the toothbrush prepared by him ---- very sweet.

Sometimes after fights, the ready toothbrush early in the morning will wash away my anger. Although it is just a simple gesture, it is a gesture of love for me. It is a wonderful and tender love that keeps marriage sweet every day.

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