Sunday, June 27, 2010


Since I started my web store business from 1st June, I have been adding hundreds of new friends in Facebook. Chat with many, many new friends and keep in touch with them before and after sales everyday. Enjoy my job all the time~

Life is more interesting then. It is great to know new friends as I feel like a prisoner ever since I have moved to Miri, a new place for me till I found a new job/hobby for myself.

Some customers are very sweet and understanding. I might run out of stock sometimes and they are willing to wait patiently. Even I apologized and offered for refund, they consoled me by saying it is ok, they can wait or change to other items. They de-stressed me.

Some generous customers even banked in more money and let me get things for them. "Anything will do," they said. There are masks lovers who gave me couple of hundreds to pick any masks flavors for them too. "Just mixed and matched, any flavor will do." That saved me lots of time picking the masks according to the long list as usual.

There are many customers who seek for my advices in the products I'm selling. Those buyers who experienced wonderful skin improvement after they tried the products I recommended, the positive feedback & testimonial from them are like boosting supplement for me.

Feel so nice to meet all these customers who trust me so much (we hardly know each other & never meet face to face too). I always give them extra freebies as they make me feel good. I don't mind to have little profit (just don't lost money) but make both parties feel great!

Of course, some customers also gave me headaches. They can confirmed their orders by giving me all the particulars but in the end just 'disappeared'. I did sms or emailed them, told them that it is ok to cancel the order, just inform me so that I needn't hold the items for them. Some did reply with apologies, some just ignored. Well, I have posted up my notice, saying that I will not be able to hold on the items especially when there are other interested buyers. If the customers are unable to make payment too soon, should just inform me so that we can make certain arrangement. It is very sad that some customers just don't bother at all.

Before that, I allowed customers to make pre-order without paying anything. Feel like having deals by trust. Too bad some of them make me dumb-founded. As when their orders came, they either said they changed their mind, want to buy other items, or just said, no longer interested or just ignored me totally. T_T   Feel pretty sad, especially some didn't even apologized at all. 1 or 2 items still not that bad, some ordered 7-10 items......So, after many lessons here and there, I had changed my policy. For pre-orders, payment has to be made in order to confirm the deal. Hope my customers can understand that. Forgive me for the inconvenience caused.

Well, I believe many successful businessmen has met such customers. I take it as lessons in my life. Always want to remind my customers, "It is ok to cancel order. Just inform me. You can order next time when you are ready but at least notify me so that I know what to do with the long list."  ^o^

I am always grateful to all my customers' support. Thinking to have some simple competition to give out more freebies/samples/prizes for my supporters too. Any idea?

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  1. hey there, just want to ask do you still have stock for the face shop clean face white series (for acne)? if you do, is it possible if COD?



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