Thursday, June 24, 2010

Skinfood Miri

Have you been to the Skinfood retail shop in Miri?

I went there last weekend to checkout their skincare product and felt so disappointed with their service.

The shopkeeper was unfriendly and rude, especially the 'manager'. My hubby wanted me to leave as he couldn't stand her attitude but I insisted to stay back. I want to experience how bad her attitude can be. (Sounds like I have nothing better to do here, hahaha.) So my hubby went to the cold storage and left me there.

To cut the story short, the 'manager' can be 'informative' but not friendly at all. She just like reading out the whole script in front of me without any expression. Even I tried to smile and joked yet her face is like I owe her one million bucks.

At first I just planned to find out the Salmon series but seeing her attitude, I went to check on every items of the shop. Asked her many questions and let her explained one by one. The other shopkeeper just followed us with a straight face too. For the whole session, I was the only one with a smiley face, whereas both of them looked like their pet just passed away. 

Decided to buy the eye serum and eye cream but definitely not from her nor that shop. I am not sure how good the business of that shop can be with such 'manager' there. Poor boss, who is not there to observe.

I will not step in that Skinfood shop again. Never ever again.

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