Monday, June 21, 2010


My parents used to be teachers in government schools. Not sure is due to genes or influences, I love to teach too.

Although I'm no longer in Kuching, I started to give Mandarin lessons (home tutoring) this month. Feel so excited to start teaching again. Able to get out from the house is a weekly relief for me too.

Thank God for the opportunity, allowing me to continue what I'm passionate on. (^.^) And my student is such a wonderful gem. She is a fast learner and I feel happy to know a new friend in Miri.

If you are wondering how much I am charging, well, it is much lesser than Kuching's rate though. Money is not my main interest at the moment, freedom in pursuing my teaching passion is the one that makes me happy.

Want to learn Mandarin from me in cheaper rate? Come over to Miri, Sarawak then.

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