Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aunty boleh!

We went to Boulevard at Imperial Mall on last weekend. Spent at least 20 minutes to get inside the basement carpark and turned a few rounds before we found a car park. Maybe it was weekend and Gawai Festival is around the corner, the mall was full of people.

Love the varieties of choices at the Boulevard shopping mall. The vegetable were fresh and same as the poultry. Only went to the payment counter when our shopping carts were full of items from the shopping list.

As usual, my hubby make the payment, my maid busy packing the goods (no plastic bag everyday) and I stood beside the cashier counter, looking after the baby and observed the surrounding. Then I found out there are many Dynamo clothes detergent for sale at the counter. Written there, spent RM20 storewide, customers are eligible to purchase this Dynamo clothes detergent for RM13+ with the RM20 receipt. I was wondering whether the cashier will give me auto-reduction as I also bought the same Dynamo in the cart.

After payment, I went through the receipt and found out that though we had spent nearly RM400 for our shopping, they still charged us RM19+ for that Dynamo detergent. I told the cashier about the discount by pointing at the promotion notice. She said, the discount is only valid by showing a RM20 receipt before purchasing the Dynamo.@.@

Although the discount is not much, I still felt that it is pretty unfair and unacceptable as there was no notice in the department store or at the Dynamo shelves / detergent section. Plus, we had spent about RM400+, so why the discount can't be given? My hubby also agreed, saying that it's simple mathematics.

The other cashier next to the counter (looked like a supervisor) came and said he will ask his manager. Well, I felt that this is the time I should voice out as I'm a frequent customer at this place and I have the customer's right to point out that the notice shouldn't place at the cashier counter only. If they really can't reimburse, then we have to cancel the payment and redo the whole purchasing again. ^.^  What is so difficult about it? Just that the cashier has to work harder by re-doing and the long queue has to be longer for waiting.

Glad that the manager is a wise guy. He agreed to reimburse the discount. I told my hubby, I acted like those aunties who always fight for the customers' right. To my surprised, he is happy with what I did. Maybe we had been 'quiet' customers for all these while, we all feel good to fight for our customer's right now!

Aunties boleh!

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