Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where is my BB?

These nights, my princess wants to sleep with us in our big King size bed. Of course, she sleeps in between us happily whereas my hubby and I were worry that we might cover her under our comforter middle of the night.

We have no idea why she gets so energetic at night nowadays. Before that, she will knock off around 11pm till next day morning. Hardly get up for milk too. Wonder whether it is due to World Cup fever?

My hubby and I were too exhausted to wait for her to fall asleep last night. We both went into our dreamland when we saw our princess was drowsy between us. Suddenly my princess cried out loud. Then I found out she was no longer sleeping between us. I jumped out and asked, "Where is our baby?!"

Her wailing leads us to where she was, crying on the floor! *No idea how she slipped down from the headboard?!

The first thing in my mind was, my goodness, the floor is so hard, and the bed is so high up. Fell down from the bed will definitely caused injuries! We quickly pushed the bed aside to carry her up. I went to switch on the lights to check on her head. Prepare for the worse already.

Our princess was in great shock. She cried so badly in her daddy's arm while I tried to check through her head and body. Thank God she is fine. No cut, no bruises, no bump, no bleeding.

After the big 'surprised', my hubby and I were both fully awake. We were laughing away, wondering how that happen. Our princess can push herself upwards and drop down from the small hole at the headboard? She did a surprising magic trick to us. Luckily she cried, else she will be overnight on the floor and let us seek for her on the next day morning!

After we calmed her down, she still refused to sleep in her own bed. So this time I pulled the two pillows together to block the way. Avoiding her from slipping down from the bed again. Waited her to fall in REM sleep, my hubby carried her to her own cot as usual.

We were worried that our princess will have brain or internal injuries. Wonder whether she will become 'dumb dumb' due to the fall. Really praise the Lord that she is fine. Gosh. What a reminder for us. Never take for granted!

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