Saturday, July 17, 2010

Laneige, Kuala Belait, Brunei

We visited one of the Laneige retail shops at Kuala Belait, Brunei yesterday. The beauty consultant, whose name is Maureen from Philippine was very informative, friendly and nice.So far she is the best customer oriented beauty consultant we have ever met at cosmetic counter/shop.

I am interested in exploring more in Laneige product. Too bad this brand is not available in Sarawak at all. The pricing at Brunei is about the same with Kuala Lumpur though.

For those who are not aware of this brand, these are the series you can check out:
1)      Star White Series_EX (Whitening + Hydration)
2)      Water Bank Series_EX (Pure Hydration)
3)      Perfect Renew Series (Anti-aging)
4)      Pore Tightening Series (Pore Tightening, Oil Control. Suitable for acne prone skin)
5)      Basic Care Series (For new beginners to balance up their pH and skin condition)
6)      White Plus Renew Series (Intensive whitening care)
7)      Hydra Solution Series (Hydration for really dry skin)
8)      Sensitive Series (Non-alcohol series for sensitive skin)
9)      Mask & Exfoliants (Yogurt Mask & Exfoliants)
10)  Suncare series (Different types of sunscreen lotion with different SPF & PA+)

I have learnt a lot from Maureen. She gave me some samples to try out before I purchase any series as I'm still wondering whether I should get whole series of Water Bank or Star White. She is very patient in explaining the functions of each item. The boss is lucky to have such good employee. She deserves a pay raise yearly as I feel that it is not easy to find such devoted staff nowadays.

At the retail shop, there is a very nice, simple and elegant handbag. We just need to spend $200 Brunei Dollar on the Laneige product, then we will be entitled to sign up as a member and get that handbag for free. It is so tempting. ^O^

If I want to get Laneige product, will definitely visit that retail shop again. Thanks a lot, Maureen! Keep it up! 


  1. hi :),just wanna ask is the store near to escapade? where is it? what time does it opens and closes? im going tomorrow, but i dono where it is.. hehe

  2. Hi, the shop is near to Body Shop too. I'm not sure what is the operation time and whether the shop will be open during Christmas. Anyway, wish you have a great day at KB. :)

  3. Hi is the shop have a facial treatment too?


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