Monday, July 26, 2010


Do you read newspapers every day? How long does it takes for you to finish the daily newspapers? Do you need an hour? Half an hour? 15 minutes or lesser?

For me, I can read the newspapers in less than 15 minutes. Mainly just flipped through, glanced through the main topic before decide whether should I spend more time reading the detail of the news. I will skip the sports and business topics for sure. 

Previously I will enjoy the time in reading newspapers. It is like an important thing to do daily so that we know what is happening in local and worldwide without getting out from the house. 

However, spending time to read newspapers become a luxurious life ever since my princess is born. After I started my online business, reading newspapers has became a stressful task for me. Once I failed to read the newspapers, it just accumulates every day. Have to force myself to finish 2 sets per day and in the end, have to give up as there were always 4-6 sets left and kept increasing each day. 

If I go for a trip, the newspapers will stack up even higher. I feel breathless to see them.

Several times I feel like discontinue the delivery but till now I haven’t called up the delivery guy. 

After we sold off the old and ‘new’ unread newspapers last week, I told myself that I want to start all over again. At least 1 set per day. It started well for 3 days, then again I failed to complete for the following days. Again my room starts to have stack of unread newspapers as before. Sigh.  

Sometimes I feel like I am buying newspapers to accumulate and sell off for 10 cents per kg after 6 month time.

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