Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Banks in Miri - EON Bank 1

This is the first bank I went to in Miri as I have accounts with EON Bank in Kuching branch. I wanted to do telegraphic transfer to Korea and I did face some ‘difficulties’ dealing with the officers there. Well, before I went to the bank, I did call them up to make sure I was well prepared. I have listed down the details needed for TT as follow:
1)      Beneficial name
2)      Beneficial bank account no
3)      Beneficial IC or Passport no
4)      Beneficial address
5)      Beneficial contact no
6)      Bank’s name
7)      Bank’s swift code
8)      Bank’s address
9)      Bank’s telephone number

When I got there, the officers turned me down. They said they couldn’t do TT to South Korea. I asked them why, they said they don’t have the Korean currency. My goodness! I wanted to transfer money in USD, not WON. How can they turned me down without asking me. After explaining, the officer went to ask another officer and the other officer has to refer to their supervisor. (Imagine how many persons they have to ask before telling me the statement below)

“Sorry. We can’t transfer the money for u.” The supervisor said.

“Why?” I felt surprised. This is not the first time I do TT, wonder what is the problem.

“We only provide such service if you have an account with us.” She said it seriously.

“I do have 3 accounts with your bank!” I exclaimed. Oh dear! If they still disallow me to do the transfer even though I’m having 3 accounts with them, I will close all my accounts with them immediately!

Well, to cut the story short, in the end I managed to transfer the money to Korea from my bank account with RM25 bank charges which I think is still reasonable.

I had spent a long time explaining the reason for transferring the funds etc. Maybe they are worrying that I might do money laundry? Haha. 4000USD is too little for money laundry, I think.

Anyway, I told myself that I will find another way to do TT in future. Never want to go through all these troubles again. Feel quite disappointed with their service.

I do miss the wonderful relationship with the Eon Bank branches in Kuching. The officers and I know each other so well that every visit is happy trip for me. Didn’t aspect the experience here is so different. Sigh.

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