Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Duck duck

Every time when my hubby and I visit a toy store or baby section at the shopping mall, we will always wondering whether we should get some toys for our princess during bath. Often we felt that she is still too young to appreciate it.

Till now, she is going to be 6 months old, she knows how to control her motor skills better in reaching out something she wants and grab them with her tiny fingers. So finally we bought he a set of bath toys - the duck family.

There are other choices, such as green tortoise family and blue elephant set. However, in the end, we stick to the old fashioned bathing toys -- the yellow duck. I think Mr.Bean also has a set. ^O^

 Prepared the water with the ducks swimming around.

Princess got fascinated by the ducks.
Trying to grab it.She prefers the big mother duck rather than the ducklings though. 
Bigger = more delicious?

This is what happened when a baby is teething......attacked!!

 Opps. Caught on camera again.

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