Sunday, July 18, 2010

Passport Malaysia for Baby

I love to eat Japanese food, especially salmon sashimi. When I was pregnant, raw food is a big NO NO for me. However, at the same time, my hubby and I kept getting ‘information’ about how cheap & fresh the food is in one of the famous Japanese restaurant in Brunei. 

Finally I’m 'free' to move around and eat whatever I want. Later on we realized that our princess also needs a passport to join us. This is the reason why we kept dragging as it is uneasy to get my hubby to take leave for passport application in weekday (didn’t know that the immigration office works on Saturday too.)

If you want to apply a passport for your baby, these are the things needed before visiting the immigration office:
1)      X2 passport size photo for your baby 
(Don’t worry, just bring your baby to the studio, the people there will have creative ways to take the photos of your baby for you.)
2)      X 1 Photocopy of birth certificate
3)      X 1 Photocopy of father’s or mother’s IC  
(the one who is bringing the baby for application and sign the form)
4)      Bring along the original IC & the Birth Certificate for verification

Please be noted that you MUST bring your baby along as the officer needs to make sure the baby ‘EXIST’ and is the same person.

It will be good if you can collect the form and fill it before visiting the office. So that you needn’t spend too much time there. Sometimes the queue can be quite long, especially in Kuching. However, Miri is a nice city and the immigration office is not as busy as Kuching though. Afraid of the long queue in Kuching? You are welcome to come over to Miri. The officers here are friendly, patient and easy going. Best service ever!

There are 2 types of International passport for your baby:
1)      32 pages – RM100 (2 years)
2)      42 pages – RM150 (5 years)

I bet many of us will choose option 2. ^O^

If you are wondering whether the limited passport (only for visiting Brunei) is cheaper? Sorry. We have already asked. It is the same price as the International passport. No other choice. They said the International passport for baby is in special discount already.

By the way, you have to know roughly how tall your baby is (refer to the ‘red card’ where the nurse always record down the details during the immunization session). If you can’t find it, there is a measurement chart for your baby to measure at the office.

Remember to bring enough cash. After the application, paid the money at the counter, you will be able to collect the passport within an hour time.  Please remember that the payment counter closes at 3.30pm every day and the operating hours for Saturday’s is untill 1pm.


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