Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6th month immunisation

My princess is going to be 7-month old soon. These are some shots for her 6th month's immunisation day.

 Firstly, have to weigh this princess. 

She is going to be 8kg soon. 
No wonder my hubby & I have backache after we carried her for too long.

 Looks like she is enjoying the weighing process.
Everything was fun & interesting for her.

While waiting for the nurse to do the recording, 
this busy princess grabbed the nurse's recording cards without warning.  T_T

Measured her head.

Measured her body.

Measured her height. 
So far she was still very happy & excited for all the 'games'.

Until the needle came....

...cried for 2 minutes...

....then stopped. 

Glad that she stopped crying easily. Her next immunisation is in September, still have 3 months to go. Pity this little girl has to undergo the needle almost every month. Mama doesn't like needle too.

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